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  • Dish draining racks
    Although I have a dishwasher and the majority of my kitchenware is dishwasher-safe, I usually wash a sink-full of dishes by hand every day. Some of these dishes
  • Storing leftovers
    As the holidays approach many of us will be cooking more than we typically do. Some will serve elaborate meals to their families and guests. Much food will
  • How best to be sick: stop worrying about being productive
    Over the last few months, Ive been dealing with the sick leave of one employee after another in my day job. It was, of course, just a matter
  • Reusable shopping bags
    Reusable bags keep clutter at bay and help the environment, too!Post written by Erin Doland
  • What we can learn from potato mashers
    We keep a potato masher in a drawer because sometimes its fun to not be able to open that drawer. #8212; Simon Holland When I saw this on
  • Holiday gifts of charitable giving
    Etiquette experts may cringe at the idea of donating to a good cause in honor of someone rather than getting that someone a tangible gift. And some people
  • What does it mean to honor mementos?
    We talk a great deal about #8220;honoring#8221; the mementos you chose to keep in your home. This exact word we picked up from Peter Walsh, but its a


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