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  • Effective note-taking
    2013 Unitasker Wednesday: Wax Vacuum This weeks unitasker is a product that doesnt do what it claims to do (suck wax out of your ears) and doesnt do
  • Unitasker Wednesday: Nutmeg Grinder
    Keep note-taking simple, stick to important keywords, use a markup system that makes review helpful for you, and dont be afraid to abandon systems that are no longer
  • Nine questions to help unclutter your recipes
    Even if you regularly use freshly ground nutmeg, this device won't save you time or space and its purpose can be easily duplicated by a multi-purpose device.strongLet Unclutterer
  • Organizing: valuable and inexpensive
    2013 Ten things you can do when you dont feel motivated to get stuff done It happens to the best of us. At some point or another, your
  • Unclutterer updates
    If you would like to unclutter your own recipe collection, the following nine questions may help you to reduce your number and better organize those you wish to
  • Being organized makes life easier
    Getting organized is valuable but it doesnt have to be expensive. There are many ways to create customized organizing solutions with a small budget.strongLet Unclutterer help you get
  • Unitasker Wednesday: Vessyl
    2013 Unitasker Wednesday: Mystery Unitasker! Instead of putting the product name in the headline and immediately telling you what this weeks item is used for, I thought it

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  • Living the Simple Life
    A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone. ~Henry David Thoreau By Leo Babauta For almost 9 years now,
  • How to Be Prepared for Anything
    Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present. ~Marcus Aurelius
  • Turn Toward the Problem
    By Leo Babauta Much of our lives is spent trying to ignore problems, not wanting to deal with them, procrastinating. Bills are pushed to the side to deal
  • The End of the Day Philosophy
    If your knees arent green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life. ~Bill Watterson By Leo Babauta Ive been making my small decisions
  • The Painful Beauty of Impermanence
    By Leo Babauta The cherry blossom falls after its short beautiful bloom. It floats gently down to earth. Its life is over, but the limitedness of its existence
  • How to Change Other People
    By Leo Babauta If only we could get others to be more considerate, less annoying, more diligent, see our point of view How often have you wanted to
  • Pursuing Happiness When Its Already Within You
    By Leo Babauta One of the key learnings Ive had since starting Zen Habits is that everything I need to be happy is already within me. I firmly

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