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  • Blog Cal Newport
    Author - Study Hacks
  • Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus
    The Economic Operating System I recently read Douglas Rushkoffs provocative new book, Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus. Rushkoff is a media theorist, but this book falls comfortably into the area of
  • What We Learned Teaching Over 1000 Professionals How to Practice Deliberately
    Top Performer Returns Last October, Scott Young and I launched an online course called Top Performer, which teaches knowledge workers how to apply the insights of deliberate practice to excel professionally. The first
  • Talk to Your Boss About Deep Work
    A Deep Case Study Tom works in marketing for a venture-backed tech start-up in Silicon Valley. After reading Deep Work, he realized that prioritizing uninterrupted concentration would help
  • Write Longer Emails
    The Switching Cost I want to close my recent series of posts on email with a practical observation thats often missed: The main productivity cost of email is not
  • Schedule Meeting Margins
    Margin Matters Sometimes its the simplest productivity hacks that end up returning the greatest benefits over time. Heres one such strategy Ive been toying with recently: The Meeting
  • To Make Email Easier We Must Make it Harder
    Two Tales of Empty Inboxes I have a friend who runs an investor-backed online education company. He recently made an interesting change to his email setup. When you send

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