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  • Mental Badassery: Becoming Aware of the Stories We Tell Ourselves
    By Leo Babauta Theres a hidden mechanism that creates unhappiness, difficulty changing habits, relationship problems, frustration, anger and disappointment. Barely anyone is aware of this hidden mechanism, even
  • 8 Experiments in Motivation
    By Leo Babauta I was talking to a 19-year-old recently and he has been struggling with motivation. His problem goes like this: he gets excited about starting a
  • My Personal Fat-Loss Plan
    By Leo Babauta I think Im not the only one among us who wants to lose fat. Im embarking on a 2-month fat-loss plan, and I thought Id
  • A Mindful Shift of Focus
    By Leo Babauta Throughout the day, we get frustrated, irritated, angry. We are frustrated in traffic, when a loved one doesnt behave the way we like, when someone
  • The Minimalist Way to Declutter
    By Leo Babauta One of the best things Ive done to change my life along with meditation, exercise, and eating healthier is to get rid of
  • A Simple Declutter Habit: Leave No Trace
    When you do something you should burn yourself completely, like a good bonfire, leaving no trace of yourself. ~Shunryu Suzuki By Leo Babauta Zen master Suzuki Roshi spoke
  • Training to Be a Good Writer
    By Leo Babauta Im not going to claim to be the worlds greatest writer, but I do think Im reasonably competent. Ive been training for 25 years, and

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