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    • zen habits
      By Leo Babauta Today, I only have questions. Were striving for happiness and contentment, but when will we be there? I think we often see a time in
    • The Time When Well Be Present Content
      By Leo Babauta When were frustrated with others, or feeling bad about ourselves we often turn toward habits that comfort us: distractions food shopping smoking drugs/alcohol These dont
    • A Simple, Powerful Self-Compassion Method
      By Leo Babauta Theres a way of being that Im trying to cultivate in myself  to let go of wanting others to be a certain way. Heres the
    • When Others Frustrate You
      By Leo Babauta Each of us has a different reality. And were creating that reality, and can shape it in many ways. We tend to think of reality
    • Your Internet Habits Create Your Reality
      By Leo Babauta The Great White Whale when it comes to forming new habits, for most people, is exercise. Along with eating your vegetables, meditation, getting good sleep
    • The Case for Replacing Exercise with Play
      By Leo Babauta I think most of us have a tendency to do as much as we possibly can. But doing less might be better. When we go
    • Leave Yourself Wanting More
      By Leo Babauta There are two extremely common obstacles that get in the way of people succeeding at habit change: Messing up on the habit and then quitting.

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