A Good Sign of Growth for Metaverse: Regulation Talks

A Good Sign of Growth for Metaverse: Regulation Talks. We know that a venture or project starts to gain momentum when governments start talking about regulating it. It has happened with all sorts of industries all through the past 50 years. Historically, deregulation and decriminalization started with regulation.

It’s a sure sign of interest and momentum in any case. The Metaverse has stirred up so much corporate and investor interest that governments aren’t far behind. In fact, several governments have displayed interest in climbing on board the hype train.

That’s write, we’ve written before on how certain world powers are speculating on the Metaverse. THAT’S nothing to scoff at when it comes to speculating on growth. The idea that Meta needs to be regulated is being discussed. The internet community has always prided itself on anonymity, right? Well, now things are becoming more complicated.

Cyber bullying is bound to change with the new landscape. Mark Zuckerberg has made it clear he doesn’t want a repeat of past scrutiny. Concerning safety and information regulation, that is. We all remember what it was like watching stories about accountability online unfold. Now those subjects are especially hot on the minds of regulators and investors. The question of how we mitigate some of the worst aspects of inline activity is being asked.

Meta seems to be developing a rather comprehensive approach to this age-old question. Time will tell, and MetaNews will be there delivering on the latest news. A Good Sign of Growth for Metaverse: Regulation Talks.


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