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Metaverse December 5, 2021

A Good Sign of Growth for Metaverse: Regulation Talks



A Good Sign of Growth for Metaverse: Regulation Talks. We know that a venture or project starts to gain momentum when governments start talking about regulating it. It has happened with all sorts of industries all through the past 50 years. Historically, deregulation and decriminalization started with regulation.

It’s a sure sign of interest and momentum in any case. The Metaverse has stirred up so much corporate and investor interest that governments aren’t far behind. In fact, several governments have displayed interest in climbing on board the hype train.

That’s write, we’ve written before on how certain world powers are speculating on the Metaverse. THAT’S nothing to scoff at when it comes to speculating on growth. The idea that Meta needs to be regulated is being discussed. The internet community has always prided itself on anonymity, right? Well, now things are becoming more complicated.

Cyber bullying is bound to change with the new landscape. Mark Zuckerberg has made it clear he doesn’t want a repeat of past scrutiny. Concerning safety and information regulation, that is. We all remember what it was like watching stories about accountability online unfold. Now those subjects are especially hot on the minds of regulators and investors. The question of how we mitigate some of the worst aspects of inline activity is being asked.

Meta seems to be developing a rather comprehensive approach to this age-old question. Time will tell, and MetaNews will be there delivering on the latest news. A Good Sign of Growth for Metaverse: Regulation Talks.

Billy Houghton is a top acclaimed and sought-after commodities futures trading expert. The expertise and in-depth level of analysis that is offered by Billy Houghton is what has managed to put him at the stage of being the top ranked author for MetaNews among multiple different categories. Throughout his career, Billy has specifically spent over three decades on Wall Street fine-tuning his skills, which included over two decades at a trading desk. In more recent times, specifically the last decade, Billy has been researching algorithms of AI in futures trading, and believes they are the future of trading. He started writing about the Metaverse, as he thinks its the future of everything AI related.

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Stone Squad is a NFT project to check out



4444 Unique 3D Stones from ancient Greece eventually uncovered everything that modern civilization had to offer, including explosives, automobiles, drippy couture, and luxury yachts, among other things. The peculiar tale, hidden phrases, and one-of-a-kind usefulness that the company offers in the realms of adventure travel, entrepreneurship, networking, NFT culture, and other areas provide the impetus for the project that the company is working on.

Stone Squad has formed a partnership with the adventure travel company Yolo Emirates, which is based in the United Arab Emirates, in order to provide holders with discounted and unforgettable trips all over the world. The staff of the company will be taking part in an annual cruise trip to Norway in order to observe the aurora borealis there.

After learning about their history before being transformed into stone, the members of the Stone Squad discovered that they each had a royal realm of their own. Stone Squad members will be eligible to receive a free airdrop of a secondary real estate collection. In addition, Stone Squad holders will be granted unique admission to the Royal Stone Club, a secret network for the production of Web 3 business ideas.

Stone Squad will begin holding regular networking events in Dubai, Los Angeles, and London, starting with those three cities

Holders will be able to begin registering for the Stone Squad ‘Launchpad’ project during the inaugural event, which will take place on a boat in Dubai. During this initiative, the team behind the company will be looking to invest in ONE of the best ideas submitted to them by the community.

Stone Squad members will be able to participate in the Greek-style meta auction house with a VIP selling pass. Holders of the company’s NFTs will have access to a one-of-a-kind metaverse experience that will allow them to showcase and sell ANY of their other owned NFTs.




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Decentraland signs up for the metaverse art week



The World is Made of Code, the theme of the third annual Metaverse Art Week organized by the metaverse project Decentraland, features “mind-bending” works from modern artists as well as contributions from a Ukrainian non-fungible token (NFT) project.

The Metaverse Art Week 2022 will take place from August 24 through August 28 and will feature artwork from a variety of international artists and designers, as well as major art institutions like Sotheby’s, art communities and creative organizations like Artnet and UXartlab, and NFT marketplaces OpenSea and Rarible, among others.

In addition, well-known figures from the contemporary art world, such as Burton Morris and Frida Kahlo’s Family, will display “mind-bending works,” according to a statement from Decentraland sent via email. The Frida Kahlo Family Red House, an immersive experience portraying the first half of the renowned artist’s life, will be unveiled in partnership with Ezel.Life when it comes to Frida Kahlo’s family.

Contemporary Art World, Web3 Art Spaces, and Digital Artists & Communities are the categories under which the works fall

The Ukrainian Meta History – Museum of Conflict, a charitable NFT project created to compile information about the war in Ukraine, is one of the sponsors of this year’s Art Week.

The focal point of events during Art Week will be Art Plaza, a virtual 3D sculpture garden that Decentraland refers to as a “gravity-defying open air museum.” The notice listed different discussion panels and round-tables as well as gallery displays created by community groups and artistic collectives.

The Decentraland Foundation’s Sam Hamilton stated that the timing of this year’s Art Week is “pivotal for the greater adoption of Web3 technologies ization decisions about our digital world.”

A “major component” of the art week focuses on sculptural and architectural design, “showcasing the next generation of what virtual worlds will look like,” according to the statement, which was inspired by this year’s Venice Biennale.


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Kingdomverse unveils new mobile game



The smartphone game Defend The Kingdom, which will be made available to the Monkey Kingdom community as a closed Alpha before its public debut, is the first product from Kingdomverse. The first metaverse to integrate casual mobile games with the metaverse is Kingdomverse, a full ecosystem that provides entertaining, dynamic games inside of a 3D virtual world.

Players have the chance to participate in a range of different games and take advantage of play-to-earn chances while experiencing the immersive and interactive metaverse

Kingdomverse is mostly a strategy game. Players can build and control their own Kingdoms in Kingdomverse. As their center of operations, users create and personalize their own realms in order to engage in combat with other players and collect more rewards. Other players are invited to join a Kingdom of their choice by staking NFTs and becoming a citizen, encouraging that Kingdom to grow and engage in conflict with other communities. Each individual Kingdom becomes into a community unto itself. These groups can play casual mobile games together to gain access to in-game resources like new structures, armor, and equipment that will give their Kingdom an advantage over its competitors.

A simple tower defense game will be called Defend The Kingdom. Players will form a squad of five “Legends” heroes and engage in PvP combat or cooperative play against foes. Holders of the Monkey Legend can gain special rewards and gifts, including improvements for their NFTs. Additionally, the closed beta will act as a test run before the full launch, which will feature play to earn opportunities in the form of a dual token system, later this year.

Enter the world of mobile gaming with the release of “Defend The Kingdom,” a mobile tower defense game, in closed alpha. Top-ranked gamers can expect rewards and prizes as the Monkey Legend NFT collection comes to life on screen. Depending on their rank and success over the course of the week, closed alpha launch participants will have the chance to win interesting awards and prizes. These prizes consist of official collectibles, actual goods, and limited edition cosmetic enhancements for NFTs.


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