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MetaNews aims to produce the best and most relevant news feed from the augmented world of the Metaverse. The space is growing exponentially ($260Bn+ and $4.3Bn respectively worldwide spending last year). Our digital ecosystem covers Metaverse technology, worlds, properties, projects, gaming, lands, NFTs, VR/AR, AI, art, coins/tokens, and related developments.

What you get

Global Recognition
With MetaNews, you gain access to our global recognition and internet presence, which bolsters our ability to provide original content from all over the world.

Industry Experts
All types of promotable content are created by the best & brightest experts with over 30 years of experience in strict observance of the MetaNews editorial guidelines.

Growing Trend
The current data show that the Metaverse could reach the $800 billion mark by 2024, you will have a share in the MetaNews capitalization of this growing trend.

Advertising Opportunities

Press Releases

Our press releases are official statements from your company, delivered to members of the news media for the purpose of providing information, establishing a narrative, or making an announcement for public release.
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These ads are the most common and highly visible forms of continual media branding. Banners on MetaNews are available in different sizes and can be placed at the top of the main page, newsfeed, or article pages. There are also a multitude of other options available.
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Sponsored Articles

This is a customized and engaging news story about your company, or an essay about your mission, produced and written in strict accordance with our editorial policies and guidelines.
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News Videos

Artificial Intelligence Video News Release (VNR) is a video segment after the style of a news report, but features an AI Avatar, making it more interesting and engaging than the usual news-anchor style of reporting. Data shows that this helps us build a better connection with our audience.
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This interview will be conducted with one of our own journalists or news anchors, for publicity purposes. These interviews are designed to provide information to the target demographic, and to create interest and build awareness among those groups. There are many kinds of packages we can offer based on each client’s individual needs.
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Events Coverage

This package provides coverage for the sponsor(s) of public or private events, such as Metaverse launches, concerts, festivals, conferences, events, celebrations, and summits, as well as many other options. It details a little about the sponsors and their involvement with the event.
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Documentary Films

These documentary films are primarily designed to provide instruction or education, or to maintain an image for the organization.
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Copyright © 1997 - 2022 MetaNews All Rights Reserved