AR titan Speed 3D Inc. launches new FunkAR gifting service platform

Mastering the hard powers of AR technology and combining that with infinite creative artistry, Speed 3D Inc. has taken the lead on AR digital commerce. In addition is excited to announce the launch of “FunkAR – AR Gifting Service Platform”. Inviting everyone to celebrate this year’s Christmas in the Metaverse.

“In order to achieve an ideal reality and immersive experience, content exquisiteness and mobile phone performance. As well as the popularity of 5G and 6G, are distinctively important.” says Marvin Chiu, Chairman and CEO of Speed 3D Inc.

Speed 3D


With soft and hard powers combined, Speed 3D Inc. has become an architect in the Metaverse

Speed 3D Inc. began its operations by utilizing 3D Avatar technology to perform facial analysis and detection in real time. Over the last three years, the company has collaborated with over 200 international brands in the global marketplace, amassing a diverse set of AR technology project experiences.

Speed 3D Inc. is heading straight to the Metaverse in a full-speed rocket. Ready to pioneer the construction of a new world in the Metaverse with the development of FunkAR – WebAR Gifting Service Platform.

“Everyone is anxious to enter the Metaverse, but there is nothing inside now that the doors are wide open. Virtual identities, diverse contents, and immersive experiences, among other soft and hard powers, are all required to build the Metaverse. We are completely prepared for this! “Chiu makes a comment.

FunkAR gifting platform launches virtual gifting – dare to imagine, ready to fulfill

In parallel to the release of FunkAR’s “AR Card,” “AR Gift” will also be available in an international version! Chiu first appears in the release video as Xue Rengui. A prominent general in the early Tang Dynasty. Additionally then as a space robot, demonstrating the ability to control climate and environment. “In the Metaverse, as long as you dare to imagine,” Chiu says, “you can become any character you imagine. In addition any superpower you imagine can be realized.”

FunkAR is THE entrance to Metaverse, combining social engagement and interaction with digital commerce. Users can create real-time customizable AR cards and gifts; in addition to the well-known cakes and floral bouquets, other interesting decorative options include dinosaurs, planets, and rockets. Amusing choices that demonstrate AR’s limitless possibilities. More intriguingly, FunkAR could soon start offering NFT limited collections or expand to offline product redemptions, promising a more immediate and engaging experience.

Celebrate this year’s Christmas in the Metaverse, and realize your seasonal wishes with AR

With the holiday season approaching, FunkAR has also debuted a new Christmas-themed pavilion, inviting everyone to join in the festivities in the Metaverse this year! Consider sending a customizable AR greeting card to your friends and family – this collectible seasonal wish not only retains the warm sentiments of a hand-made greeting card. However it is also engaging and interactive, ensuring that its recipients are greeted with surprise, joy, and laughter.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.