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Asian Pacific Markets Finally on The Mend Today


Calmed by the Fed’s new comments regarding inflation, investors began to improve their respective outlooks on the markets. To wit, the Asian markets were improved today on many fronts as a result.

In a positive turn for Japan, the Nikkei rose 0.16% in total. This came on the back of the Bank of Japan making public the minutes of its latest meeting. That nation also made public its manufacturing data along with service data from June. Manufacturing index was lower than anticipated, but the outlook is better today, overall.

The KOSPI Index inclined today as well, following the trend of other Asian markets, and topped out at a gain of 0.28%. The Australian Index did not fair so well, however, declining 0.41% by the end of trading day.

Other Asian indices were up by similar stretches.

S&P 500 came close to matching its gains from yesterday, making gains in many sectors across the day. This was likely due to assurances that the inflation the U.S. is currently experiencing is temporary.

USD and U.S. Treasury yields held their ground, while bitcoin recovered from its slide below the $30,000 level, MetaNews reports.

After last weeks Fed announcements that promised early inflation titration and other intimations, the markets have started to show sign of recovery and stabilization across the globe.

 “We believe the Fed’s new outlook will not translate into significantly higher policy rates any time soon. This, combined with the powerful restart, underpins our pro-risk stance,” the report from the Fed added.

In a testimony to the House of Representatives Select Subcommittee on Tuesday, Chairman Powell remarked that recent price increases were larger than originally anticipated, but he promised that they will likely fall off. He was also quick to point out the this particular viewpoint was in flux, considering the nature of volatility lately, saying that he would keep us abreast of the situations. Calmed by the Fed’s new comments regarding inflation, we are seeing some much needed optimism.


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