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Metaverse: Yumy, 30 million downloads

Newborn Town’s important step will be Meta Town, a newly incorporated Metaverse module in Yumy. With the goal of providing an unmatched next-generation video-based social experience for worldwide consumers. The number of downloads of Newborn Town Inc’s video-based social platform Yumy has topped 30 million. An increase of more than six times in six months, […]
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Metaverse: Fount launched themed ETF

Fount Investment, a South Korean financial technology firm, made its ETF debut on NYSE Arca with the launch of two metaverse equities strategies. The ETF provides a global exposure to metaverse stocks, including in emerging markets. Fount’s president, Young-Been Kim, stated, “We believe that new technologies are causing seismic upheavals in the way people
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Eurozone: Growth is in jeopardy

The Eurozone economy is doing well, but the Covid-19 outbreak has resurfaced, putting a pall over economic forecasts. The PMI indices, which represent corporate confidence in the monetary union and are leading indicators of economic growth, climbed in November, above economists’ predictions. “The better-than-expected PMI indicates that the Eurozone economy

Metaverse: 3 high growth tokens

Illuvium Illuvium is a Ethereum network based game. Blockchain and games are becoming increasingly intertwined with the metaverse. Some rather advanced games have been developed on the blockchain in recent years. Illuvium, on the other hand, is widely regarded as the first AAA game based on this technology, specifically the Ethereum network. The initiative aims […]
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SIX to move its operations abroad

In an interview, Chairman of the Board Thomas Wellauer revealed that SIX is considering moving some of its operations abroad, including to Spain and Poland. “In terms of developing new functions, Spain now represents a viable option,” says the report, adding that actions in Poland are also gaining traction. On the other hand, he opposed […]