Author: Michelle D. Madsen

Hatten Land partners for new metaverse game

Hatten Land Limited and its subsidiaries, the “Group,” announced that Hatten Edge has signed a partnership agreement with Moonton Games to jointly develop and launch the world’s first Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Integrated Esports Hub in Melaka at EleementX and

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Patron Tequila engages in Decentraland

Tequila has reemerged in the metaverse just as the warm weather season is getting into full swing thanks to Patron Tequila, which has brought the distilled beverage to the realm of Decentraland. Patron is going to bring its classic and

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ViewSonic works on metaverse education

ViewSonic has actively promoted digital transformation, transitioning from a hardware firm to a solutions company. James Chu, the company’s chairman, announced the Universe education metaverse software while outlining the key development approach of “ecosystem as a service.” Chu emphasized how

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Stone Squad is a NFT project to check out

4444 Unique 3D Stones from ancient Greece eventually uncovered everything that modern civilization had to offer, including explosives, automobiles, drippy couture, and luxury yachts, among other things. The peculiar tale, hidden phrases, and one-of-a-kind usefulness that the company offers in

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Decentraland signs up for the metaverse art week

The World is Made of Code, the theme of the third annual Metaverse Art Week organized by the metaverse project Decentraland, features “mind-bending” works from modern artists as well as contributions from a Ukrainian non-fungible token (NFT) project. The Metaverse

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Kingdomverse unveils new mobile game

The smartphone game Defend The Kingdom, which will be made available to the Monkey Kingdom community as a closed Alpha before its public debut, is the first product from Kingdomverse. The first metaverse to integrate casual mobile games with the

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Bored Ape Gorilla Club NFTs are coming

The acronym BAGC refers to the Bored Ape Gorilla Club. The motivation behind the creation of BAGC stems from the apes’ desire to become members of the gorilla club, which was discovered by one of the apes. Simply by chance

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The Paradox Metaverse unveils NFT staking

The Paradox Metaverse, the latest player-to-employee game developed by Paradox Studios and based on blockchain technology, will include support for NFT Staking using $Para Coin. Staking one’s NFTs or $PARA Coins would be one of the key ways that players

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Meta expands to Spain and France

Meta is introducing Horizon Worlds in France and Spain in an effort to increase the market share of its social virtual reality platform. This builds on the three existing markets, the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., where it is already

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SCA is a brand new NFT collection

A grouping of 10,000 distinct apes produced algorithmically on the Solana blockchain with proof of ownership and an emphasis on utility. The SOL standard, which is the foundation of many digital collectible and utility projects, serves as the basis for

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