Author: Michelle D. Madsen

Metaverse: AR brings Olympics birthplace to life

Microsoft and Greece’s Ministry of Culture and Sport launched an immersive tour using AR technology on Wednesday. Makers believe has the potential to alter education, business, and entertainment. However, critics fear that it will amplify the invasive influence of U.S.

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Nvidia Touts Metaverse Avatars, Simulation Technologies

Nvidia (NVDA), a graphics-chip company, unveiled its metaverse vision on Tuesday, along with improvements in self-driving cars, supercomputing, and artificial intelligence. The shares of NVDA increased as a result of the announcement. MetaNews. Nvidia Stock Climbs Conversational AI assistants can

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Metaverse: How business can benefit from it

Brands were missing from Mark Zuckerberg’s recently promulgated alternative universe. Facebook’s metaverse simulations appeared to be largely ad-free. This omission looked at odds with the remainder of the presentation, which was in part a massive infomercial for Facebook’s makeover as

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Meta first plans to build stores

The social networking company Meta has discussed opening physical stores to showcase its virtual reality and augmented reality devices. MetaNews. Mark Zuckerberg’s first steps toward building the metaverse may be physical instead of virtual Meta, the social media company formerly

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Metaverse, South Korea’s dynamic approach

Facebook, the world’s most popular social networking platform, recently changed its name to Meta and proclaimed its full embrace of the metaverse. But Facebook isn’t the only tech corporation attentive in developing a 3D virtual world in which people communicate

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Ray-Ban and Facebook pitch smart glasses

In the midst of the metaverse boom, Ray-Ban and Facebook pitch smart glasses. Facebook and Ray-Ban parent Luxottica are rolling out $299 smart glasses that allow people to capture hands-free images, listen to music and make calls. Facebook’s smart glasses

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