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Beijing Regulations Continue to Mire Chinese Shares


Beijing regulations continue to mire Chinese shares into a third day Tuesday. Tech and education shares fell again as well while property shares reduced themselves. Tencent Holdings Ltd. fell as well by 5%, after its music ceded exclusive streaming rights. Tencent incurred fines as a result of this business move. Meituan declined by almost 11% shortly following a drastic 14% decline yesterday. The Hang Seng Tech Index fell by a maximum of 3.8% which pushed its 3-day decline to a total of 13%. The broader Hang Seng Index also fell sharply today.

Daniel So remarked today also that “The key concern now is whether regulators will do more and expand the crackdown to other sectors.” Continuing, he said “The regulatory concerns will be the key overhang to the market for the second half.” He is a strategist at CMB International Securities Ltd.


A Chinese regulatory spike on some of the economy’s most crucial and diverse sectors. Also, notably education and tech, has caused much turmoil for investors this month. Shares fell in “panic selling” yesterday after regulators last week published policy changes. These changes will drastically change the business structure of private companies teaching the education structure.

Hong Kong’s biggest retail brokers reduced margin financing for bruised Chinese education shares. Investors felt more wounds as a result. Beijing is trying to get a hold of private businesses which it says increase inequality problems nation wide.

We see in other areas that views on property shares was damaged as China Evergrande Group decided against declaring a special dividend. This came after after investors were scared off by reports that banks and ratings companies do not have faith in them. Evergrande shares declined up to 12.2% as a result of rumors and fluctuations. MetaNews reporters continue to invest time into procuring expert opinions and good data regarding these issues. Beijing regulations continue to mire Chinese shares.


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