BetaMars metaverse project to launch shortly

BetaMars is a metaverse initiative dedicated to the creation of a “future human homeland”. It’s brimming with ingenuity, creativity, and inspiration. The team has created numerous gaming elements based on “human nature” to attract worldwide gamers to establish a fantasy country in the BetaMars environment. Players should devise gambling methods in order to earn prizes while also establishing the world’s laws and regulations.

For every $10,000USD invested in the project will result in a co-brand

According to BetaMars for every $10,000USD invested in the project will result in a co-branded NFT branded with the investment institution’s branding and returned to the community. As a result, following this round of financing, they will distribute 250 co-branded Ticket NFTs with the Youbi Capital branding.



In the worldwide metaverse market, the project has been gaining traction. It has already attracted public interest since its debut on the market less than a month ago, when it raised $8 million in funding. Moreover a world-class blockchain team designed BetaMars to build a highly decentralized metaverse.

BetaMars character concept

On the 27th and 29th of December, BetaMars officials published their character sketches and held votes for both male and female Miner characters. In addition a feeling of science and technology is evident in the character conceptions. The high-tech gear worn by the protagonists is a foreshadowing of future missions.

More elements in human nature compared with other metaverse projects

BetaMars is a cutting-edge metaverse initiative. Players will guide the construction of the global civilisation in the universe. There are three gaming mechanisms 1.0. Exploitation, Tax, and Revolution, all of which will motivate participants to think and innovate, resulting in mutual gambling.

Revolutions and class battles will shape the world’s civilisation and business system 2.0. In addition BetaMars will begin with rural life and progress through it to contemporary civilisation.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.