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Clover Health Shares Fall Considerably Today


Clover Health Investments came under assault on Thursday centered on claims by Hindenburg analysis.

The report claims that Clover unfairly lured investors which are retail purchasing shares while failing continually to reveal it was under active investigation by the Department of Justice.

Shares of Clover were down over 10% in early trading following the report.

While Hindenburg is actually a vendor that is short it claims it has taken no position in Clover, long or quick. “Why? They are unprecedented times; many people are upset and right now we still find it crucial to show the role quick vendors play in a healthy, functioning market,” said Hindenburg because while brief attempting to sell is always high-risk.

Clover, which offers Medicare insurance coverage, has a mission of serving “low-income and sometimes overlooked communities.” According to Hindenburg, a civil demand that is investigative implies that the Department of Justice is investigating 12 issues linked to Clover, including its computer software “Clover Assistant,” as well as kickbacks, advertising practices, and undisclosed third-party deals.

“This Civil Investigative Demand therefore the research that is corresponding a potential existential danger for a company that derives the majority of its income from Medicare, a federal government payor,” Hindenburg said in its report, which came after four months of investigating Clover.

Hindenburg continues to describe a relationship between Clover and its particular subsidiary Seek Insurance as “thinly disclosed,” noting with impartial informative data on finding Medicare plans so it doesn’t mention the subsidiary on its website yet tells seniors that it provides them.

“Seek makes no reference to Clover on its site to its relationship yet misleadingly advertises to seniors that it offers ‘independent’ and ‘unbiased’ advice on picking Medicare plans,” Hindenburg writes. “It claims, ‘We don’t benefit insurance firms. We work with you’, despite literally being owned by Clover, an insurance provider. Its tasks may also be under research by the DOJ.” Clover Health Investments came under assault on Thursday.


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