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A Supply Decline Has Put Oil in Position to Gain Records

A supply decline has put oil in position to gain records Friday. Using Brent towards three-year highs, as investors centered on tighter materials amid

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IEA urges Russia to increase gas production

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has urged Russia to increase its natural gas production to stabilize soaring energy prices in Europe. CNN Business

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Large U.S. Demand Causes Oil to Rise High Today

Large U.S. demand causes oil to rise high today. U.S. western Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures rose 89 cents, or 1.3percent, to $71.38 a barrel at

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U.S. Supply Fluctuations Cause Oil to Rise in Trade Today

U.S. supply fluctuations cause oil to rise in trade today. Closing times of losings as international areas stay haunted by the effect that is possible

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EU discusses views on electricity market prices

Kadri Simson, the European Commissioner for Energy, has confirmed that Community Executive is “aware of the discussions that are taking place in

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Gas prices exacerbate shortages in the UK

The Johnson administration holds emergency meetings with representatives of the food and energy industries, regarding gas prices. Harold Macmillan, the

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Europe must jointly address the raw materials crisis

The added inflationary risk factor threatens to slow down the growth of EU economies, all of which are highly dependent on raw materials imports. One of

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Oil Supply Weakened from Storm, Shares Decline

Oil supply weakened from storm, shares decline. After two hurricanes, but both benchmark agreements are on the right track to publish regular gains of

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Gold Awaits Comments From Fed and Falls In Meantime

Gold awaits comments from Fed and falls in meantime in Asia. With investors continuing their watch for clues on whenever U.S. Federal Reserve begins asset

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Positive Demand Perspective Causes Oil to Increase

Positive demand perspective causes oil to increased on Wednesday. This was after industry information revealed a more than expected drawdown in crude oil

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Methane emissions: U.S. and EU agreed on regulation

After carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, the United States and the European Union (EU) have reached an agreement to regulate methane gas emissions. By 2030,

Europe stops wind power, energy prices soar

A report in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on February 13th (local time) noted that energy prices in Europe had been trending upwards, but they had spiked

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Gold Is Falling Today and Investors Look to Inflation Data

Gold is falling today and investors look to inflation data in Asia. This is in front of U.S. inflation information that may hint at as soon as the U.S.

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Potential U.S. Supply Interruptions Push Oil Up Today

Potential U.S. supply interruptions push oil up today. The U.S. industry struggles to come back to manufacturing that is normal after Hurricane Ida hit

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Oil prices could reach $100 this winter, exceeding estimates

International oil prices are forecast to rise to $100 a barrel depending on the weather this winter. An abnormally cold winter could cause global oil

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