Crypt Social Club is an upcoming NFT collection

The CSC is an NFT collection that is led by artists and consists of 9999 different skulls. Each NFT is produced by an algorithm that combines over a hundred distinct characteristics, which include things like headwear, eyes, skins, and a great many other things.

A legendary ancient crypt was supposedly sealed off many centuries ago

It was prophesied that this would be the last resting place for hundreds of people who had died in unexplained circumstances and were buried with their wealth. The location of the promised site was sought after by explorers, adventurers, and wanderers in the hopes of unearthing the most mythical of treasures, but it wasn’t until one day when a little shepherd kid happened upon an entrance to the crypt buried deep within a mountain cave. However, once he was inside the crypt, it became apparent that there was no treasure, and that he was not alone and the undead crypt skeletons were released onto the rest of the world.

The Ethereum blockchain serves as the repository for Crypt Skulls, which are tokenized as ERC-721 and housed on IFPS. In addition to this, each and every owner is provided with full ownership of their NFT in addition to commercial usage rights. By utilizing the Meta-Mask plugin, holders will have the ability to purchase a Crypt Social Club NFT directly on the company’s website using Ethereum.




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.