Crypto Bulls NFT project to come

Crypto Bulls hail from Satoshi, a planet with sophisticated civilisation where cryptocurrencies are the only means of payment and Web2 applications have long since vanished. Every program on Satoshi is connected to the blockchain network, and Crypto Bulls have managed to harness the metaverse’s power to create a peaceful world where bulls and machines coexist peacefully, spending all of their attention to improving this sacred connection.

NFT holders will vote directly on the blockchain through a DAO to decide what to do with half of the funds, which will be deposited in a vault. The long-term goal is to be completely decentralized, allowing holders to make all decisions.

“Holders of NFT will be able to stake their tokens in exchange for a Crypto Bulls NFT Club Token, which will be used in our ecosystem.”

Holders will determine how much of the vault revenues they wish to use toward buying back Crypto Bulls NFT Club NFTs on the secondary market, establishing a Floor Price for all holders. This virtuous loop limits the supply of Crypto Bulls NFTs while maintaining price stability, making the NFT more appealing to potential new members.

Holders that amass a complete collection of Crypto Bulls NFTs qualities (Jackets, Suits, Sunglasses, Hats, etc.) will receive a Crypto Bulls Token Airdrop and their staking strength will improve, with some collections being more potent than others depending on rarity. Holders will be able to physically customize their NFT with accessories at a later point.

“Our long-term goal is to establish an institute that will provide high-level education on the crypto sector and its cutting-edge solutions (Web3 applications, Algo-trading, Staking processes, Crypto-arbitrage, Technical Analysis…). We will provide global conferences and webinars for the Crypto Bulls NFT Club members to learn while also networking.”

One of the project’s goals is to improve the image of the crypto space and its applications by assisting those who are most in need. Holders will vote through the DAO to choose how much of the vault will be given and which charity will receive assistance.




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.