U.S. Dollar Was Unmoved Today As Fed’s Flounder
The U.S. buck held constant against major currencies on Monday…
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Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, AAVE, KSM, ALGO, TFUEL

AAVE, KSM, ALGO and TFUEL are showing signs of strength while Bitcoin bulls attempt to push BTC price over $38,000. Bitcoin’s (BTC) price continues to be

Elon Musk lays out when Tesla will begin accepting Bitcoin payments

Musk responded to a Cointelegraph tweet about Sygnia CEO Magda Wierzycka calling for the SEC to investigate him over alleged Bitcoin price manipulation.

Canadian Bitcoin ETF adds to its holdings despite steep market correction

The Purpose Bitcoin exchange-traded fund has been reaccumulating BTC since mid-May, a sign that investors are keen to buy the dip. Demand for Bitcoin (BTC)

How the NFT market leveraged blockchain tech for explosive growth

Nonfungible tokens present a new way of interacting with the arts, music, sports and the media — and even more. It’s fun to talk about nonfungible tokens,

Crypto is the next step toward a cashless society

It will take some time for consumers to warm up to crypto, but education is the key to its mass adoption. From QR code payments to mobile banking apps,

Ethereum’s $1.5B options expiry on June 25 will be a make-or-break moment

Bulls and bears are equally nervous about the possible outcome of the June 25 $1.5 billion Ethereum options expiry. On June 25, Ether (ETH) will face its

A new milestone for Bitcoin, COVID hits conference, Buterin’s DOGE payday: Hodler’s Digest, June 6–12

Coming every Saturday, Hodlers Digest will help you track every single important news story that happened this week. The best (and worst) quotes, adoption

Nexo in Miami: Crypto interest account giant talks DeFi, institutional adoption

Nexo believes that in the long run, regulation will help crypto more than hurt. While decentralized finance has stolen the show with big-number headlines

VORTECS Report: When this indicator lights up, LUNA, MATIC and EGLD usually gain 10%

Compounding modest gains is a key strategy for successful crypto traders — LUNA doesn’t have to go to the moon to help profits rocket. Consistency is

GME and AMC stock surge may impact crypto meme coins, BTC not so much?

GME and AMC push to greater highs on the back of memes as correlations with crypto begin to emerge. This year, stocks like the movie theater chain AMC

Basketball star turned digital racehorse tycoon: Wilson Chandler on NFTs and the NBA

A journey that started with trading shitcoins has now become a growing passion for NFTs — part of a wider wave of NBA players and cultural tastemakers

Altcoin Roundup: Market cycle analysis screamed ‘take profit’ ahead of May 19 sell-off

Even grandma was bullish on Bitcoin in April, but market cycle analysis shows it was past time to take profit. Welcome to Cointelegraph Market’s weekly

Thai SEC bans exchanges from handling certain token types including NFTs

Local exchanges now have until July 11 to update their rules for listing tokens in order to be in compliance with SEC guidelines. Thailand’s Securities and

An NFT of the photo that inspired Dogecoin just sold for $4M

That picture of a dog staring into the camera in formal posture.. you know, the one that sparked the Doge meme? Someone just sold it for millions in Ether.

A man and his S.C.A.M.: Solo dev ‘Dreesus’ on making a memecoin legit

After minting a memecoin, a solo developer now has to grow his Frankenstein creation into a success. You might not know Dreesus, but if you’ve been

IMF plans to meet with El Salvador’s president, potentially discussing move to adopt Bitcoin

The International Monetary Fund has previously spoken out against smaller nations like the Marshall Islands recognizing a digital currency as legal tender.

Finance Redefined: The shadow DeFi conference in Miami! June 2-9

Talking with big brains about DeFi, regulation, CBDCs, and institutional adoption at the Bitcoin conference in Miami! Last week, I made the mistake of

Bitcoin price hits stock-to-flow rebound level not seen since 2017 all-time high

Deviation from the stock-to-flow average has always resulted in a reversal to new all-time highs, data shows. Bitcoin (BTC) spending over three weeks in

Arrington Capital to back Algorand projects with $100M growth fund

“The Arrington Algorand Growth Fund represents yet another key strategic pillar in supporting the momentum of those building on top of what we think is the

Guild of Guardians pre-game registrations hit 133K as NFT sales surge

Guild of Guardians was developed by Stepico Games, a Ukraine-based game developer, and published by the Australian-based marketplace Immutable. The

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