Cult helps businesses enter the metaverse

An independent creative agency known as Cult Futures has announced that it will soon be launching a virtual hub with the intention of assisting brands as they make their entrance into the metaverse.

The purpose of the online space, which will be known as Dirty Laundry and will be created in collaboration with the Web3 platform Spatial, is to serve as a central location for educational events, presentations, and exhibitions that will assist fashion, beauty, and luxury brands in the world of digital commerce.

Its launch aims to help brands overcome the potential fear and confusion they may have over the metaverse.

Cult and Spatial will host a series of virtual events designed to tackle these challenges via the community-driven platform. These events will help brands overcome their fears and confusion.

The first public event that will be held in the space will take place on June 3, and it will consist of a showcase of a curated non-fungible token (NFT) collection called “The Senses.” This collection was made by the creative team at Cult. One-on-one brand masterclasses in the space will follow the initial Cult internal training events and showcases that will be co-run with Spatial. The first topic of discussion will be the opportunities that the metaverse presents for brands, and these masterclasses will eventually become a regular event series.

Both parties have stated that they intend to carry on collaborating with one another in the development of future interactive experiences, with an emphasis on both ecological responsibility and broad participation.

Charlotte Bunyan, chief strategy officer at Cult, was quoted in a press release as saying that the company’s Cult Futures division is “redefining the future of creative marketing in beauty, fashion, and luxury.”

Bunyan continued by saying, “The Metaverse has the potential to offer the utmost in self-expression, but it is not yet accessible to everyone and does not include everyone.” This is going to change as a result of a series of events, pilots, and insight presentations that are going to be run by Cult Futures. These will involve working together with new and different creators from the metaverse in order to reimagine the ways in which consumers can interact with fashion, beauty, and luxury brands.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.