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Metaverse February 27, 2022

Decentraland is holding the metaverse fashion week



At the end of March, the blockchain-based metaverse Decentraland will be hosting a fashion week with an “all-star roster of digital catwalks.”



Decentraland disclosed that the virtual world’s Metaverse Fashion Week will feature digital wearables

Decentraland announced on Thursday that the Metaverse Fashion Week will feature digital wearables, virtual runway displays, and afterparties in the virtual world. Many well-known brands in the worldwide fashion business will be featured during Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week.

Vogue Arabia, Elie Saab, Guo Pei, Etro, Jacob & Co, Dolce & Gabbana, Selfridges, Tommy Hilfiger, Fewocious, Dundas, Cavalli, Paco Rabanne, Hogan, Franck Muller, Garrett Leight, Cavalli. And The Fabricant will all make appearances during the four-day fashion extravaganza, according to Decentraland.

The fashion week participants will be able to congregate in Decentraland’s latest district

Participants in the fashion week will be able to gather at Decentraland’s newest sector, the “Luxury Fashion District”. According to the Decentraland team, UNXD and Vogue Arabia will host the four-day event.

“Fashion and haute couture are not new to the metaverse,” said Sam Hamilton, the creative director of the Decentraland Foundation. “Since the advent of avatar wearables in 2020, Decentraland has been on the bleeding edge of unique and in-demand digital fashion. Since then, designers have pushed the technological and artistic boundaries of Decentraland wearables. Resulting in a thriving industry with over $1 million in avatar wearables sold last year.”

The fashion event will kick off with the London retailer Selfridges opening a metaverse store

The fashion extravaganza will begin with the inauguration of a metaverse store by London retailer Selfridges. During the launch of the Selfridges shop, Paco Rabanne and Victor Vasarely will deliver a “immersive experience”. Dolce & Gabbana, Dundas, Etro, and other designers will walk down a futuristic runway in the heart of the event.

According to the statement, there will be a variety of metaverse fashion experiences. As well as unique “Decentraland Wearable drops” from Tribute Brand. In addition, Meta-Tokyo will have a pop-up museum featuring photographs by Amiaya, a fashion model and DJ.

Michelle D. Madsen graduated from the University of Westminster and has been deeply involved in the world of finance ever since. She has worked as a Broadcast Journalist hosting various news shows and informative webcasts about the financial markets. Since 2004 she has also been writing for MetaNews daily, her attention to detail, and her in-depth knowledge of the financial markets have led her to cover Foreign Exchange and commodities. The world of finance has changed in the last few years with the introduction and rising popularity of cryptocurrencies and the Metaverse. She has in no means been left behind, adding this to her bank of intellect and is now also an expert in cryptocurrencies. For the last ten years, Ms. Madsen has been engaged in the financial market. She has notedly written a great number of incredibly informative reviews for the crypto, NFT and the Metaverse. Her wealth of knowledge has enabled her to become a leading expert in the field. She continues to inform the public writing up-to-date, thorough reviews for the readers of MetaNews as she has for the last decade.

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SITT is an emerging NFT collection



Sardines in the Tin is a collection of 8,888 sardines that represents “the highs and lows of the lives of office workers who are stuck in an endless cycle of going from work to the subway to their homes. They are forced to face a terrible commute each and every day, which consists of riding the “tin” subway packed in together.”

SardiNation is a metropolis under the sea in which tens of thousands of sardines live together in harmony. These sardines are all employees of the massive firm SITT Corp., which has its headquarters right in the middle of the metropolis

“The lives of sardines are a never-ending cycle of going to work, riding the metro, and going home. The beginning of each working day consists of sardines taking the horrific “tin” subway, alighting at the SITT Corp. station, and punching the time clock.”

The primary responsibility of sardines is the arduous task of collecting waste that is precipitated from Olympus, the realm of hopes and wonders, as a direct result of the never-ending extravagant parties that are hosted by the wealthy.

The goal of Sardines in the Tin is to create a community in which people who are worn out and drained from working in offices, or anyone else who can relate to how sardines feel, will be able to share and support one another in the day-to-day struggles that they face.

“The protection and maintenance of marine habitats is a cause that is important to Sardines in the Tin. Ocean CleanUp is a non-governmental organization that specializes in cleaning up marine waste such as sardines, and we intend to donate ten percent of the initial sales earnings to that organization.”

“We intend to open channels in Tops-n-Flops Line that are associated with many other NFT projects. It is a line that connects Olympus, the place sardines long for, and Glubberloo, the place sardines wish to flee at any cost. Olympus is the spot where sardines aspire to spend their lives.”

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Crolon Mars drops a new NFT collection



The Mars Metaverse and the Multiverse, a concept by Crolon Mars to connect various metaverses around the world into a vast community promoting inclusivity and knowledge sharing, recently released their Non Fungible Token offering in the form of 3D Artwork, which will be migrated as characters within them.

With its partners RMT, POODL Token, SEEK Token, SNAFU Elite, and ILotto, Crolon Mars has started building a secure and reliable community in order to provide cutting-edge technologies. A novel idea called “multiverse” may jeopardize the effectiveness and ability of the major players to move across different companies and goods.

Given the state of the market, their 3D NFT Offering has produced massive ripples, with over 100 NFTs being created using their Dapp. Added to their operations wallet, where they display weekly balance sheets to investors, are NFT proceeds

An innovative project called Crolon Mars seeks to establish a fully functional Mars Metaverse with real estate and other non-fungibles up for purchase. To allay investor concerns, team members have completed two KYC forms and are safety-conscious. Four contract audits have been completed to confirm the project’s safety.

Ufology NFTs, aliens, astronauts, and mutant apes. produced by renowned artists. On the Cronos blockchain, these collections will explode. Owners of NFTs have access to a market that expands significantly every year. The best course of action might be to keep the CROLON NFT.

Holders of CROLON NFT can access a Mars Metaverse powered by the Cronos Blockchain. Humanity has only remotely explored its surface using robotic probes from Earth. Mars exploration is revolutionized by CROLON. a Metaverse where martian construction is possible. fun VR experience for computers and mobile devices.

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Magnati releases a new metaverse platform



Magnati, a payments company, made the announcement on Friday that they have begun offering what may be the first metaverse purchasing experience available in the Middle East.

The new platform will offer eCommerce in a “unique and immersive way,” which has given its new creation the name “Magnati-MetaV”

The new platform has the intention of moving consumers’ shopping habits away from electronic commerce and toward experiential commerce. This will be accomplished “with a new virtual world that provides users with richer visual and sensory information, as well as improved quality of information,”

Moreover, the blockchain technology developed by Magnati underpins the online buying experience. The shopping experience will allow customers to examine, digitally pick up, and purchase items from within the metaverse. It is anticipated that there would be categories in the areas of technology, fashion, gaming, and groceries. In addition to that, the company intends to sell admission tickets to virtual concerts and workshops.

According to Ramana Kumar, Chief Executive Officer of Magnati, “Magnati-MetaV is a logical development of our approach to assist merchants stay ahead in this fast-paced digital age.” Magnati-MetaV is a combination of the words “Magnati” and “MetaV.” E-commerce platforms of today are founded on two-dimensional user experiences, which creates complications in the areas of sales cancellations, returns, and consumer dissatisfaction. These issues are significantly mitigated when the customer is given the opportunity to try out the product or service. The corporation emphasized that there will be no modifications to the way payments are processed.

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