Deloitte new metaverse service and studio are now available

Deloitte, the consultancy giant, announced its new metaverse service and studio. They assist creators who want to learn about virtual and augmented reality environments and construct them.

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On Thursday, the consulting behemoth, which is heavily into technology lately, unveiled its Reality Unlimited product. Indeed, it claims would enable customers to develop and link virtual worlds using next-generation strategies, tools, and technologies.

The Unlimited Reality service allows businesses to develop “hyper-realistic digital twins” that mirror physical structures and transportation networks. It can interact with humans, robots, and AI agents, according to Deloitte. Clients can also use virtual reality, augmented reality, or mixed reality to create shared virtual experiences for collaborative work.

Deloitte also announced Dimension10 Studio. Which allows users to construct virtual places using Nvidia computers equipped with the AI chipmaker’s RTX GPU. The Studio service is based on research undertaken by the Deloitte AI Institute on the influence of the virtual world on businesses.

The Deloitte Center for AI Computing and the Nvidia Omniverse Enterprise platform are used in both solutions. Which are based on Deloitte’s cooperation with Nvidia.

Nvidia released the AI-based Omniverse Avatar Generator for the enterprise in November.

“Every firm, system, and digital services employment agency that performs web design will develop something for the metaverse,” stated Constellation Research analyst R “Ray” Wang.

Deloitte’s new offering focuses on collaborations with virtual world technology providers, AR/VR mixed reality capabilities. Moreover, it highlights Deloitte’s existing digital design capabilities, according to Wang.

Wang went on to say, “The creator economy is likely to enjoy a significant surge.” “Those who design the games, avatars, and hit the NFTs, as well as the businesses and consumers downstream.”

“Many people are flocking to the metaverse because of its promise”, he claims, “but no one knows what the winning platforms for artists will be yet”.

Deloitte’s Unlimited Reality solution, according to the company, will help companies from the conception of their virtual world use case to commercialization. However, the cost of Deloitte’s new metaverse services and studio was not disclosed.

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