DWA is an attractive NFT project

The DWA is affiliated with a criminal syndicate. There is a ceasefire in place, but a gang war is still in full swing. The Golden Goose Mafia is in charge of the organization, and the DWA come in second, then the Big Birdz Cartel (BBC), and finally the Red Crown Yakuza. Every gang is actively enlarging their territory and looking for new members to join. The DWA was the first gang to go it alone and challenge GGM for the throne after breaking away from the syndicate.

There will be a contribution of thirty percent of royalties made to the community wallet

The DWA is a group that is made up of many types of criminals such as pimps, dealers, hitmen, and artists. They have been accused of everything from petty theft near the pond to more serious offenses, which has brought them to the attention of the DSL (special forces), who are now following them.

The leaders of the criminal gang that was responsible for spying, kidnapping, and widespread theft made the decision to quit the criminal gang syndicate. Following many years of service to the Golden Goose Mafia, the DWA is now an autonomous organization, and its 5,000 members are eager to forge their own way while maintaining a strong commitment to community.

The Duck Skull Token is a Whitelist Token that may be minted using the DWA WL. Those who hold the tokens can purchase minting at a reduced rate and have access to a presale.

Twitter: twitter.com/DWAnfts

Discord: discord.com/invite/xbDCUaJUgh


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.