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Energous Shares Came Close to Doubling Today


Stocks of Energous which is a company developing long-range RF-based technology that is billing the name “WattUp,” nearly doubled today, apparently driven by way of a Bloomberg report this morning indicating that Apple happens to be taking care of a MagSafe battery power for its iPhone 12 lineup.

The tale was kicked off early in the day this week whenever MacRumors factor Steve Moser discovered a non-specific reference to an iPhone “battery pack” in the beta that is latest of iOS 14.5.

According to a written report today from CNA Finance, investors are gambling on new rumors that Energous and Apple are working together on wireless charging, considering a SEC filing that is”previously ignored.” The report happens to be picked up by a number of news that is financial, such as the Street and looking for Alpha.

Putting aside the fact that Apple’s inductive MagSafe wireless recharging relies on different technology compared to the RF system being developed by Energous, there’s another issue with today’s rumor, and that is that the filings which are obvious question which mention “Apple compliance testing” for WattUp technology were filed back in 2013 and 2014 and had been widely covered in the media in 2016. The time that is final Energous filing because of the SEC mentioned Apple was in December 2014.

There is a flurry of great interest in Energous back in 2016 and 2017 amid rumors of a Apple partnership, but that conjecture quickly died down and things have been really quiet for quite a while now. Energous has continued to build up its long-range technology that is charging using Dialog Semiconductor on transmitter and receiver equipment but to date deploying it just in a couple of niche applications such as for example equine wellness monitoring. Stocks of Energous which is a company developing long-range RF.


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