Epic War, a new metaverse game

Epic War is a huge first-person shooter (FPS) in the tradition of Doom, Halo, and Call of Duty. The cinematic release straddles the worlds of gaming, cryptocurrency, and metaverse, with players able to confront various challenges and earn rewards along the way. It is set on the foreboding planet of Kepler-22b, a post-apocalyptic hell-hole populated by mutated evil forces intent on killing all who cross their path.

The metaverse has barely been out of the news since Facebook rebranded itself as Meta last October. The term, which refers to emerging augmented reality environments that fuse elements of crypto, gaming and social media, is considered a fad by some, the future by others.

The metaverse, which is envisioned as a virtual landscape where ‘citizens’ may socialize, produce, trade, and play, is still in its early phases. But, according to a recent Bloomberg Intelligence report, more value is being unlocked every day, and there’s plenty of it.

Several prominent corporations have already begun to flex their muscles in the blockchain metaverse, purchasing virtual real estate, advertising on digital billboards, offering non-fungible tokens, and developing immersive virtual reality experiences.

Gaming, on the other hand, is the epicenter of the notion, the medium through which meta is gaining traction. And a new version is on the way that tries to maximize the metaverse in a whole new way.

A Universe of Evil Forces-Filled Metaverse

Despite being classified as a ‘play-to-earn’ game, Epic War also offers profit-making options to free-to-play players, a concept known as ‘free-to-play-to-earn.’ Epic War seeks to establish an epic audience by embracing everyone ahead of its metaverse shift.

The ultimate goal is to create an Open World Gameplay

The ultimate objective is to develop an Open World Gameplay for battle-hardened gunslingers, a force of nature capable of withstanding everything the Epic Universe “Epicverse” may hurl at them. To do so, players must explore, improve their characters, and obtain expensive firearms, armour, and accessories while leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.