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Floki Metaverse is Integrating NFTs


Floki Metaverse is proud to bring an integration of NFTs and the Metaverse to the masses. The platform intends to provide its customers with a chance to earn passive income by becoming $FLOKI HOLDERS. Floki Metaverse recently held a private sale that sold out in less than 28 minutes, with a three-fold oversubscription.

Floki Metaverse


In the first quarter of 2022, the initiative plans to launch an NFT Marketplace. On the BSC, users will be able to access, trade, mint, and exchange NFTs through the marketplace. With its features, the platform is following a trend that is reshaping the digital world’s future.

Presale Details

The initial private sale was for 10% of the entire supply, or 10,000,000,000 coins. Each BNB generated a total of 250,000,000 $FLMT in sales. Floki Metaverse burned a total of 11% of the entire supply before the initial presale. The second presale included 20,000,000,000 units, or 20% of the total supply.

For a BNB, a total of 200,000,000 $FLMT was sold. As previously said, the presale sold out in just 28 minutes. Meanwhile, the public sale took held on PinkSale on November 22nd, 2021.

Rewards Paid Automatically

For the first time, you do not need to claim your earned $FLOKI. It is immediately transferred to your wallet. You’re ready to begin once you’ve added the FLOKI INU ($Floki Contract Address) to your wallet.

Metaverse is in Development

The metaverse is the conclusion of all the internet’s processes and protocols. It also entails the Web3’s upcoming consolidation into a single, interoperable world. In this future world, communications, money, game worlds, personal profiles, NFTs, and other services are all part of a more comprehensive online experience.

The NFT MarketPlace

For the typical person, Floki Metaverse is establishing an easy-to-use NFT marketplace. Other apps, such as wallets or DAO frameworks, will be able to use the platform to browse/discover and administer NFTs. It was created with that goal in mind.

For both minted and externally minted NFTs, the NFT marketplace has a royalty standard in place. It permits NFTs purchased and sold on protocol apps to be purchased and sold on other protocol apps while being compliant with creator and platform royalties.


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