Fluxon acquires Pluto metaverse platform

Fluxon, a global product development firm, has acquired Pluto, a virtual events platform where people can hang out and collaborate in the metaverse, in 3D worlds such as the Maldives, Burning Man, or Admont Abbey in Austria. This acquisition expands the company’s portfolio of productivity and collaboration products, which already includes Dory, a real-time Q&A application.

“I was sick of all the virtual happy hours, birthday parties, and workplace get-togethers throughout the pandemic. Random chance meets have virtually died off – you can’t expect to stumble into a friend, coworker, or interesting new person anymore “Elad Gil, an entrepreneur and investor, remarked “Everything on Pluto is portrayed in 3D, allowing people to explore their environment and run into each other at random. This enables for less organized serendipitous partnerships and scheduled meets.”

Fluxon collaborated to transform the concept into Pluto, a fully functional product that includes 3D environments that allow users to travel to music venues, conference centers, a calm beach — and even Burning Man. Attendees can roam around, represented by a live video avatar, and stroll in and out of talks naturally thanks to spatial audio. Pluto strikes a balance between realism and whimsical fantasy worlds that include customizability, fascinating mazes, and Easter egg hunts.

“We are excited that Fluxon will continue to extend the Pluto metaverse,” said Katsuya Noguchi, CEO and co-founder of Pluto. “Fluxon has been essential in building scalable and high-quality video, audio, and 3D technologies, and we are excited that they will continue to expand the Pluto metaverse.”

Fluxon plans to expand Pluto’s features and capabilities

In Pluto’s worlds, tens of thousands of people have already hung out, attended parties, or gotten to know one other better, with over 5,000 corporate and social events. User evaluations say it’s “by far the best virtual event,” a “mind-blowing” experience that makes individuals “feel connected again” and allows teams to “be there without being there.”

Fluxon intends to extend Pluto’s features and capabilities following the acquisition, including introducing more content such as games and new planets for users to explore and cooperate in. Pluto will also be available to organizations wishing to stage far larger branded events, such as conferences and concerts, according to Fluxon. The possibilities for developing new customised worlds are boundless now that Pluto has a team of world-class developers behind it.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.