Fontaines DC’s new album A Hero’s Death is visceral and exciting

Album cover of ‘A Hero’s Death’ by Fontaines DC

Last year the FT reported on an exciting new wave of bands emerging from Ireland. Among them: Fontaines DC, a five-piece from Dublin (the “DC” stands for “Dublin City”), about whose 2019 debut album, Dogrel, much fuss was made. Their music is guitar-based, propulsive, and often somewhat doomy — a tendency accentuated on their second album, A Hero’s Death, which we are told reflects the inevitable pressures and sense of dislocation that come with being one of the exciting new wave of bands emerging from Ireland. Out go the stories and characters of Dogrel; in comes a more abstract flow of words and thoughts, often expressed as mantras, against metronomic beats: “I don’t belong to anyone”; “Love is the main thing”; “Televised mind”; “Life ain’t always empty”.


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