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Metaverse January 23, 2022

Foxconn forecasts a strong first quarter thanks to the metaverse



Electric vehicles and the metaverse, according to Foxconn Chairman Young Liu, would bring opportunities “not seen in decades.” With many of its major manufacturing complexes working overtime during the approaching Chinese New Year break, the biggest iPhone assembler said Sunday that it expects an extraordinarily robust first quarter.

foxconn metaverse

Foxconn concluded 2021 with a record revenue of 5.93 trillion new Taiwan dollars ($214 billion), up 11%, according to Liu. Despite a global shortage of chips and components, the company’s net profit for the January-September period was up 70% year on year.

However, the chairman predicted that the world’s largest electronics contract manufacturer, which supplies Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and other key technology brands, will confront increasing uncertainties and obstacles this year.

“We feel that the problems for 2022 will be substantially greater. However, it will open up doors that haven’t been seen in decades.”

Electric vehicles and metaverse will be the next two huge developments in technology, he said. Further, he added that it will play a key role in the latter’s software and hardware. “Foxconn will continue to spend in developing its semiconductor skills,”. Which Liu sees as a critical strategy for increasing its supply chain value.

In 2021, Foxconn acquired a stake in DNeX, the largest stakeholder in Malaysian chip manufacturer Silterra. Moreover, it purchased a chip plant in Hsinchu to create silicon carbide chips for automotive applications. Foxconn also teamed with Stellantis to design semiconductors for connected automobiles in China.

Last year, the corporation purchased a manufacturing plant in Ohio from a U.S. startup called Lordstown. Furthermore, at its annual technology day in October, it unveiled three electric vehicle prototypes. It also made a strategic investment in Gogoro, a local scooter manufacturer, to strengthen its foothold in two-wheel electric vehicles and batteries.

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Crystal Palace files for new NFT trademarks



Crystal Palace, a British football club, has decided to join the trend of using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse as new ways to connect with their fans. This decision comes as businesses, brands, and celebrities all over the world show an increasing interest in these two areas as new ways to connect with their audiences.

Crystal Palace Football Club submited a trademark application for its crest to the United States Patent and Trademark Office

The football club has included non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrencies, digital collectibles, virtual footwear, clothes, and sports gear; online markets and exchanges for NFTs and cryptocurrencies; NFT-authenticated media; and more in the trademark application that it has submitted.

With the submission of this application, Crystal Palace has followed in the footsteps of other prominent football participants, such as the French football club Paris Saint-Germain, which submitted its trademark application for an NFT-related product in the middle of March.

In early June, the English Premier League, one of the most-watched sports leagues globally, within which Crystal Palace F.C. competes, ventured into the metaverse with two filings before the USPTO for its name and “lion head” logo, alongside the “loving cup trophy” logo.

A multi-year exclusive NFT agreement with Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by trading volume, was also signed by football star and Manchester United player Cristiano Ronaldo in late June. The partnership aims to develop a number of NFT products for the platform.

Outside of the community of football players, the NFTs and the metaverse are very popular. Other well-known names, such as NBA star Kevin Durant, American eCommerce behemoth eBay, leading chocolate manufacturer Mars Inc., automobile manufacturer DeLorean Motor Company, rapper Snoop Dogg, and many more are among those who have lately entered the industry.


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Ancient Humans is a new NFT project



Ancient Humans NFT is one of the most unique journeys in the history of the world since it focuses on human evolution. Ancient Humans NFT serves as the foundation for a third-person, open-world survival game in which players must fight to stay alive in order to explore, trade, hunt, and compete in other games in order to gain money. The game takes place deep within the metaverse, and players will be able to embark on an infinite number of adventures alongside their friends in order to survive and advance in the world.

Users will also be able to construct the world from the ground up, as it will be there for millions of years to come

“You will be able to govern not only your own home but also a town, a city, and even your very own castle. You will never stop being a primitive ancient person, and despite this, you will never stop being the finest at what you do.”

Users will be responsible for their own sustenance, which includes consuming food and liquids and engaging in physical activity. They will crash land in the Amazon Rainforest alongside a large number of other ancient humans, and there, they will fight to stay alive. At initially, users will stay hidden in caverns while they search for the ingredients needed to make fire. But little by little, they will amass the resources, the components, and the know-how necessary to construct huts, tools, and a society. As the verse continues to develop, these locations will evolve into sophisticated cities and opulent castles.

“The dangers will keep approaching and become more severe; you will have to put up a struggle to eliminate them before they evolve into enormous monsters that your society will have to vanquish together.”

As the group increases in size, the predators will advance in terms of intelligence and capability. This game is going to keep getting more and more exciting as time goes on.

The Ancient Humans NFT community will hold a vote to determine the growth possibilities available to them and the threats that are now present in the globe. At the end of the day, the community is what makes this project what it is.

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iLogos unveils metaverse and NFT division



iLogos, a company that has been in the game production business for over 16 years, is introducing a new NFT and Metaverse game development division under the name iLogos Meta. Game design, development, art production, live operations, breeding games, and tokenomics will be the key focuses of attention.

Game design, development, art production, live operations, breeding games, and tokenomics will be the key focuses of attention. Additionally, it assists the creators of the metaverse in meeting the time to market goal, maintaining community engagement, and attracting potential partners.

“We have all essential skills, experience, and expertise to produce appealing Web3 and Metaverse solutions, and see a tremendous potential in this rapidly growing market,” says Alexander Goldybin, Founder of iLogos. “We see a huge potential in this rapidly growing market.”

The company has already been successful in forming a partnership with Rumble Kong League, which is a cutting-edge web3 basketball simulator that features a one-of-a-kind ecosystem for sports enthusiasts

iLogos has become a partner for Tiny Colony, which is a pixelated metaverse in which users may create ant colonies, form large alliances with other players, and earn their NFTs. iLogos has partnered with Tiny Colony.

iLogos Game Studios is a leading producer of gaming solutions on a global scale. Since 2007, the firm has successfully completed 458 projects and collaborated with both independent developers and industry titans such as Sony, Electronic Arts, Wargaming, and Warner Brothers. More than one hundred different customers, such as Disney, Rovio, Nekki, Zynga, and others, have chosen them as their partner of choice.

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