Guangli creates underwater metaverse through AR glasses

Chinese augmented reality startup Guangli Technology has raised over 100 million yuan ($15.7 million) in a Series A round. It plans to use the funds to nurture a market for consumer AR smart glasses and to develop light field and holography technologies. As well as boosting its production capacity. The corporation wants to grow its business by fast offering next-generation items.

Guangli’s fundamental technologies, such as optical waveguides and optical materials, are unique. Moreover the company has strived to combine superior optical technology with augmented reality.

According to the company, thin, lightweight, and wide-angle AR glasses are comfortable to wear for long periods inside and out, and they provide superior AR experiences.



Guangli last August released Holoresin

Guangli developed Holoresin, an unique holographic resin optical waveguide, in August of last year. Followed by the Holoswim holographic smart goggles in September. The latter has received over 2,000 pre-orders and displays real-time swimming data while under water.

Later this year, the business expects to deliver consumer AR glasses with binocular diffraction optical waveguides. “Our ultra-thin, lightweight, and easy-to-carry high-performance AR glasses will be a game-changer,” CEO Zhang Zhuopeng stated. “The spectacles may be worn in any weather and will usher in a new way of life in the metaverse’s virtual environment.”

AR technology is gaining traction as an advanced technology that has the potential to change work, study, travel, entertainment, and health by combining the virtual and real worlds.

Although consumer AR glasses with optical display technologies were already on the market, the “metaverse boom” that began in early 2021 has resurrected the declining extended reality (XR) sector.

Guangli is focusing on the development of consumer AR glasses

Guangli, which was founded in 2017 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, focuses on the development of consumer AR glasses. Its founders studied at top universities in China and the United States. Including Zhejiang University in China and Cornell University and the University of Delaware in the United States.

The R&D department of the corporation aims to create fundamental technologies in-house. Guangli possesses more than 170 patents in China and abroad.

Guangli has already raised hundreds of millions of yuan and is gearing up for a fresh round of funding.

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