Gucci makes a collaboration with 10KTF

Gucci has launched a new metaverse experience that is both exclusive and innovative. The Italian luxury label continues to explore the virtual world of the metaverse through its Vault site, this time joining forces with 10KTF, an increasingly popular virtual accessories store founded in September 2021, specialised in creating bespoke digital collectibles for existing NFT projects.

This collaboration is expected to further boost the label’s visibility

This prominent partnership with Gucci is proof of 10KTF’s success, and it is expected to raise the label’s profile even further.

Gucci’s fantasy antique aesthetic goes well in hand with 10KTF’s floating island scenery, which was inspired by Tokyo and is home to an old-world virtual store owned by mystery digital craftsman Wagmi-san (no one knows who lurks behind his avatar).

It’s easy to understand how 10KTF wowed Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Kering’s most prestigious label, who rushed to the store with his avatar to introduce the new 10KTF Gucci Grail initiative.

Michele’s avatar left a crystal ball at 10KTF, granting access to the project to 5,000 lucky souls among the most devoted members of the Gucci Vault Discord community, as well as those who already ‘inhabit’ New Tokyo, where Wagmi-san resides, provided they have a PFP (picture for proof), which is an NFT avatar that identifies its owner in the virtual world. The PFP must be from one of eleven NFT collections compatible with 10KTF, including Bored Ape, World of Women, and Cool Cats, to redeem Gucci’s special ‘grail.’

The NFT can be fitted with a bespoke digital outfit

Once the crystal ball has been redeemed, the NFT may be outfitted with a bespoke digital outfit from one of two styles made by Wagmi-san and inspired by Gucci’s recent collections, Aria and Love Parade.

A way for the label to strengthen its brand image while continuing to experiment with the metaverse and establishing its brand image via a consistent, all-encompassing universe of creation, particularly among younger customers who are passionate about digital tools and the virtual world.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.