HCS is an intriguing new NFT project

The Hairless Canine Society is an up-and-coming organization consisting of 15,000 NFTs. On OpenSea, which is where they are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, they are up for sale and can be purchased. Despite the fact that some traits, and the dogs connected with them, are significantly more rare than others, the price of each dog is still 0.101010 ETH.

55 NFT out of the initial 15,000 will be kept in order to be used for marketing, giveaways, and/or anything else that enhances value to the HCS community. These 55 NFT will be saved in order to promote the Hairless Canine Society.

Each dog was produced by a computer algorithm using 113 different characteristics, which led to millions of different possible outcomes. Characteristics considered included color, head shape, earrings, collars, shirts, and a great deal more besides.

“It can be proven that no two dogs are exactly alike. A spreadsheet was used to keep track of the characteristics of each canine. Hashes using the SHA-256 algorithm were computed for each image before being added to the spreadsheet.”

Mesocyclone is a one-of-a-kind individual who is responsible for the conception of this NFT, the development of the marketing, the creation of the traits, the writing of the code to produce the dogs, and the loading of all of these elements into OpenSea.

Five percent of the revenues made by the Hairless Canine Society will be sent to animal rescues and shelters located all over the world, as well as to humanitarian organizations that benefit the Ukrainian people.

Initial NFT holders will be whitelisted, given the opportunity to provide feedback on the project, and will be able to acquire the resulting NFTs at a discounted rate prior to launch.

In addition to its website, the NFT project has a Discord channel, a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

Twitter: twitter.com/SocietyCanine

Discord: discord.com/invite/4mSgW4rRGZ


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.