Heineken joins the metaverse

Heineken’s unveils a new and entirely virtual beer nods. The virtual brew, which advertises “no calories, no hidden ingredients, and no beer,” was designed as a humorous activation that taps into the hoopla around the metaverse and virtual products while also building brand awareness.

Heineken Silver, a new virtual beer

“Heineken Silver, our new virtual beer, is an ironic joke. It’s a self-aware concept that mocks us, as well as many other businesses, for entering the metaverse with items that are best enjoyed in the actual world “In a press statement, Westenbrink stated.

Metaverse platforms like Decentraland have become excellent (virtual) real estate for marketers hoping to cash in on the growing popularity of virtual goods and experiences. To get around Super Bowl advertising limitations, Miller Lite created a metaverse bar, while Nike created “Nikeland” on the popular game platform Roblox. Despite the many unanswered concerns about the metaverse, marketers are keen to participate in more inventive ways.

For Heineken, the virtual brewery doubles as an educational opportunity

The virtual brewery also serves as a learning tool for Heineken. Virtual yeast, called as A-Pixels, may be seen brewing in horizontal tanks within the virtual brewery. The A-Pixels are a substitute for the genuine A-yeast used by Heineken to produce their real-life beer.

Visitors may also see virtual hops being cultivated by non-player character farmers (NPCs) in fields, called “binary coded hops.” Virtual brewing assistants, NPC replicas of Heineken brewers, supervise the entire operation.

Aside from the possibility to rub shoulders with a Heineken brand ambassador, the firm collaborated with Spanish street artist J.Demsky to construct virtual environment, tying the brand and its goods even closer to culture.

According to Ad Age, the campaign was created in collaboration with Publicis Italy and Le Pub and includes web videos and an upcoming TV ad. Le Pub is Publicis’ custom agency unit for the beer brand, combining creative, analytics, and brand experiences.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.