HGC releases new metaverse feature

EdgeX by HGC, an edge digital infrastructure platform created to enable the metaverse and next-generation internet, has been unveiled by HGC Global Communications Limited.

According to PwC’s Seeing is Believing research, the metaverse is expected to generate US$1.54 trillion in revenue by the end of the decade. However, many businesses lack the skills, resources, or size to create and maintain the necessary digital backbones

“EdgeX by HGC expands OTT services with increased edge agility to take advantage of the enormous growth potential around this sector, in addition to offering faster and smoother service delivery, “said Cliff Tam, senior vice president for global data strategy & operations at HGC in the area of international business.

“We are enabling customers to concentrate on pushing the boundaries of innovation, which is so important as the metaverse starts to take shape, by allowing OTTs to offload their cloud infrastructure and colocation services while raising network speeds.” EdgeX by HGC, in response, unifies five types of digital infrastructure and solutions under a single heading.

The first is connectivity, whereby users can access HGC’s Eyeball-as-a-Service and IP Transit and reduce latency times and increase connectivity speeds by using EdgeX from HGC.

The next topic is cybersecurity, which makes use of EdgeX by HGC’s diverse 360-degree cybersecurity portfolio. Solutions including Anti-DDoS, data security design, phishing assessment, bot detection, and penetration testing are included in the suite.

Next is direct cloud connect, which provides instant access to enterprise-grade private network connectivity with leading public cloud providers’ direct connect services and apps to EdgeX by HGC subscribers.

Data center & managed services, which data center operators profit from, make up the fourth pillar. Through linkages set up throughout all of HGC’s global hubs, including points-of-presence, EdgeX by HGC’s expressway lowers latency times. Additionally, it offers edge hosting computing features, such as edge compute resources and direct access to the public cloud.

Last but not least, system integration is a function of EdgeX by HGC’s combination of edge resources, which, through planning, design, and integration, enables quick and extensive deployments.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.