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OpenAI's $100bn Bid to Challenge Nvidia, TSMC in Chip Arena
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is embarking on a journey to secure $100 billion in funding, targeting a new venture in...
2 hours ago

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Japan will not penalize companies that fail to comply with its upcoming generative AI guidelines, a list of 10 principles on the use and...
1 day ago
Japan Won't Penalize Developers in Upcoming Generative AI Guidelines
In an era where technological advancements are reshaping industries, Gen AI is set to make a significant impact on various job sectors. According to...
1 day ago
How Generative AI Poses a Major Threat to White-Collar Jobs
Japanese firm Square Enix is set to initiate an NFT auction for its latest offering, Symbiogenesis, marking its first expedition into the Web3 gaming...
1 day ago
Japanese Square Enix Auctions Symbiogenesis NFTs

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Here's How 'Metaverse Sex' Could Replace Porn Apps and Websites
As virtual reality technology gets more advanced,’metaverse sex’ could eventually become the...
7 days ago
Asia-Pacific Ahead in Web3 Game Development as US Tops Funding in 2023
Game7’s State of Web3 Gaming 2023 report reveals Asia-Pacific’s lead in game...
1 week ago
This Esports Academy Cares About Your Mental Health
Mastercard Gamer Academy will offer a unique opportunity for ten aspiring gamers...
2 weeks ago

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