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How to Buy BT Shares Online in 2020

BT is one of the most powerful and most well-known UK broadcasters and broadband providers. They are a business that is on the LDE and is part of the FTSE 100. In this short piece we will be going over how you can manage to purchase BT shares right now.

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How To Buy BT Shares In 3 Easy Steps

1. Select Broker

You’ll want to choose a broker that gives you access to shares listed on the London Stock Exchange.

2. Deposit Funds

Deposit funds in a matter of seconds. Choose from a debit/credit card, e-wallet, or bank wire.

3. Buy BT Shares

Search for BT stocks, specify the number of shares you want to purchase, and click ‘buy’.

Where to Buy BT Shares

Here are our top recommended regulated brokers that allow you to buy BT Shares. 


Highlights   An ideal trading platform for both beginners and experienced traders! With over 8 million users eToro is one of the largest social trading platforms in the world. 
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Min Deposit:$200


Highlights   Plus500 is a globally-regulated broker offering to trade on more than 2,500+ leveraged CFD instruments commission-free covering Forex, Commodities, Indices, Shares, Options and Cryptocurrencies.
Min Deposit:$100


Highlights  BDSwiss is a Forex and CFD broker offering to trade on 250+ instruments covering Forex, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Indices and Equities, from 3 account types on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platform.
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Min Deposit:$100

How to Purchase BT Shares from Plus500

Below you will see a process on how you can purchase BT shares with Plus500. However, if you do choose to do this with another brokerage then the process does not change all too much. It is important to note that you have to have an account and verified identity before purchasing any shares via Plus500.

Step 1: Search for BT (BT-A-L) Instrument

To find the BT Shares via Plus500 you need to first search ‘BT’ in the search bar and then click the top result that it suggests.

Step 2: Click ‘Buy’

To populate the order form, simply click the ‘buy’ button.

If not yet registered, Select Account Mode. 

Step 3: Set-Up Order and Buy BT Stock

Now there will be an option to place an order. If you are certain about purchasing BT shares, then ensure that this option is set at ‘buy order’.

Below is a number of other things you will need to enter:

  • Amount you want to buy: You do not have to purchase entire BT shares, so simply decide on the amount that you personally are looking to invest.
  • Set Rate: If you’re content with the market price, you may leave the order box as it is. However, if you’re looking to enter in at a particular pricing range, you can go and change this to ‘limit order’.
  • Stop Loss: This allows you to decide what price you want to close your order at if the markets are to head South against your favour.
  • Take Profit: This will allow your profits to lock-in by themselves if you have a particular target price that has come to mind.

Lastly, the final step is to press ‘Buy’ and voila, you have purchased a BT Shares.

Why Should you Invest in BT?

We have listed a number of reasons why you may consider adding BT to your trading portfolio if you are still unsure or skeptical about the process.

The Lack of a Threat of Nationalization

In 2019, leading up to the General Election of the UK, one of the main pledges of the Labour party who were running was to engage in a series of nationalization. However, luckily for anybody interested in investing in BT can be glad to know that Labour’s failure in their goal for nationalization means that BT as a company are no longer due to be impacted by this change.

The UK Government’s Plans for Telecommunications Investment

The government of the UK has publicly made their plans obvious and transparent that the future of telecommunications is one that will be due to for massive investment down the line in the near future. BT, being one of the biggest businesses in this area will be able to make the most of this situation by providing its millions of customers with quicker and cheaper offerings.

One of the Highest Dividend Yields on the FTSE

BT is easily one of the companies with one of the highest dividends yields on the FTSE 100. The yields as of recently have come to a total of almost 11%, you can compare this to other companies on the FTSE 100 who usually come in at just under 4.5%.

A Leader in the Market of Mobile and Internet Space in the United Kingdom.

Even though they are not blowing the market away in this field, BT still can boast that they have the largest market share of mobile and internet space in the United Kingdom. Coming in ahead of the likes of Sky.

Details About BT Shares

Company and Shares History

BT is renowned in the UK and is the largest supplier for demand when it comes to providing broadband, mobile and telephone services. On the LDE BT is listed at being worth over 23billion, this is something that makes sure that BT remains and earns their place on the FTSE 100 in the UK. Along with domestic dominance in their filed. BT is now accessible in over 180 nations.

BT has also adapted to diversify the company into many different mediums upon being a founder of the growth of telecommunications in the UK. They now are the biggest and most common provider when it comes to broadband within homes across the United Kingdom. BT first went public as a business in 1991 and was one of the first initial PLCs to zone in on retail client space.

As a company, they then enacted on a rights issue in 2001. This decision was one that was very much so well received, with over 90% of the shareholders that BT had at the time deciding to invest in even more shares over time. At the turn of the millennium BT had hit an all-time high when it comes to prices, reaching a price of 10.05 pounds. In the modern day, BT stocks can be purchased at 1.20 per share.

Should I Purchase BT Shares?

After consulting many analysts, they have said that BT’s stocks do represent good value for money at the moment.

Along with that, the government of the United Kingdom has publicly mentioned plans that they have in store to pump large amounts of money onto  the area of work that BT have specialised in, however, telecommunication companies have been requested to contribute to this investment. With BT being the largest provider of this service in the United Kingdom, the prices would be very high. However, the United Kingdom government has also said that there is plans for a price increase to ease the covering of the costs that companies like BT are expected to contribute towards. However, despite all the information here, you are in better standing if you were to go through your own research before coming to a final conclusion


What has been the highest high that BT has hard for its stock pricing?

BT had managed to hit an all-time high for its stock in 1999, during this time the stocks were valued at 10.05.

At what point did BT go public?

BT had gone public a company in 1991.

Does BT pay dividends?

Yes. The dividends that BT offers are some of the best priced in the market. They come in at 11%.

What is the minimum I can invest in BT shares?

The lowest amount you can purchase a share from BT for is 1.20, however most brokerages do require a minimum amount in order to get started.

What stock exchange are BT stocks listed on?

BT as a business are part of the LSE and is also part of the FTSE 100.

What is BT’s market share in the internet broadband space?

This this field BT is a dominant leader in the United Kingdom holding a total market share of 26%.

Has BT ever split its stocks?

Yes, as of now BT has only engaged in a single stock split, this took place in 2015 on a 2/1 basis.

Can I short BT stock?

You can. Use CFD Broker to short BT stocks.

When was BT founded?

BT, despite not going public until 1991 was founded in 1969.

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