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Huawei signs with Volkswagen


Huawei announced on Wednesday that it had signed a license agreement with a supplier for Volkswagen’s connected vehicles, allowing Huawei’s 4G technology to be included.

Volkswagen will use Huawei’s wireless technology as part of the agreement, as well as its 4G patents.

Since the American sanctions disrupting its supply chain and smartphones production, Shenzhen (in southern China)-based private group has been seeking diversification in all directions.

Huawei has called the new agreement the most important deal it has ever signed in the automotive industry. However, neither the name of the supplier nor the amount of the transaction were disclosed.

A license to Huawei’s 4G patents is part of the agreement, and it applies to Volkswagen vehicles with wireless connectivity.

The United States has denied the telecom group access to its market, accusing it of spying on Beijing’s behalf.

Washington has also cut Huawei off from its main supply chains and called on its allies to ban or remove Huawei’s equipment from their telecommunications networks.

The Chinese group strongly denies the United States’ allegations, stressing that they have not provided any evidence to support their claims.

One of the three leading vendors of smartphones and a global juggernaut in telecommunications equipment, Huawei has had to diversify into other industries in order to survive.

The company has diversified beyond 5G, where it is already a market leader, into cloud computing or connected vehicles.

After being deprived of a Google-owned Android license based on US sanctions, Huawei also launched its own home operating system, HarmonyOs, last month.

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