Infinite Arcade releases some new NFTs

Web3 platform Infinite Arcade launches batch 3 Gamer NFTs sale. The Gamer NFTs are used to gain entry to the site and allow you to play and earn. Each set of games is completely free to play. The first two batches of Genesis Gamer NFTs were immediately sold out. The final part of the NFTs sale has begun, and it will be limited to Whitelisted players exclusively.

Infinite Arcade has been available for a month. It allows developers and creators to interact with other players in a marketplace to establish a shared economy. Infinite Arcade is a metaverse-based arcade. Users can own a piece of the ecosystem and profit from its expansion, as well as be rewarded for their time spent in the game and community contributions. Players can now participate in 15 live P2E games.

About 200 games will be launched in the near future on this exclusive metaverse Web3 platform

The Infinite Arcade’s utility token, TIC, may be earned by players. The Gamer NFT should be used to gain access to the platform. The main purpose, however, is not to make money through the P2E system. This is just a simple lever. And the central concept is to establish an ecosystem of gamers who play their favorite games, have a good time, and meet new people.

The Infinite Arcade differs from existing blockchain games in three ways: high familiarity, a large selection, and cheap switching costs. Popular games, such as arcades, appear to be casual, and there appears to be no need to spend hours mastering the game principles. Soon, the platform will have hundreds of games, and switching prices are extremely low, with no fuss, because the token, NFT, and reward system are all the same. There are up to 3 billion gamers and 100 million game producers in the mobile games sector.

Last but not least, Infinite Arcade has teamed up with a number of guilds to offer scholarships. The largest is the Nexxt Gaming Guild (NGG). Thousands of scholarships are available to help people get into the next generation of gaming. Being a scholar entails participating in a variety of freebies, tips & tricks, live streaming, instructional information, early access, whitelist spaces, beta testing, and other opportunities.

Having an NFT is the key to start playing

Without an NFT, no one can play and earn TICs. NFTs can be sold on platforms such as OpenSea. 10.000 Genesis NFTs had already been minted, and they were promptly sold out. However, for those who are whitelisted, there is a final batch of only 6666 NFTs available. On May 10th, these NFTs will be minted.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.