Infinity Metaverse unveils metaverse network

Synaptic Black, the company that developed the Infinity Metaverse, made the announcement that it has introduced a service that is aimed at businesses and brands that want to construct their own metaverse experiences and host them in the same way that they can host webpages.

Users are able to move freely between different worlds inside the metaverse while still keeping their own avatars and user data thanks to a novel protocol called IMTP, which is at the core of the service and serves as the connective tissue between users and the metaverse

The new protocol is designed to operate on top of the existing HTTP protocols that are used by the internet. It provides a variety of enhancements in the areas of content ratings, age verification, and control of private user data. Due to the fact that it is directly incorporated into the protocol, content providers have the ability to govern, to a greater or lesser degree, the types of people who can access their community. For instance, youngsters under the age of 18 or not safe for work ratings can all be directly applied to the protocol.

According to Brennon Williams, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Synaptic Black, “There are multiple breakthroughs here, that we hope will underlie the future metaverse. This is a streaming infrastructure solution that delivers experiences to consumers on the devices they have today without requiring enormous downloads or specialized gear. This is a streaming infrastructure solution.”

He continued by saying, “Businesses and Brands can now develop their own metaverse experiences; they get to own the IP and all of their data, and they get to make the rules of their metaverse, which is preferable to operating it on a walled garden or platform that charges fees, or even worse, having to buy or rent digital land.”

Along with the release of the Infinity Metaverse website and portal, the company has also announced the launch of their partner program. The company is eager to build the supporting services and ecosystem required by creators who may not have in-house expertise across the large number of technologies required to craft a market-leading experience.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.