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Investors snap up metaverse real estate


Real estate investing in the metaverse still is highly speculative, and no one knows for sure whether this boom is the next big thing or the next big bubble.

In a few years, technologists believe the metaverse will mature into a fully functional economy, providing a synchronous digital experience as integrated into our lives as email and social networking are today.

Money in these digital worlds is cryptocurrency

The blockchain — a digitally distributed public ledger that eliminates the need for a third party, such as a bank — powers finance in these virtual worlds, and cryptocurrency is the currency of choice.

Anyone entering a virtual world can buy or trade nonfungible tokens, or NFTs. Collectibles based on blockchain technology that are digital representations of physical items, such as art, music, and even houses. The NFT is a unique piece of paper that serves as proof of ownership.

In recent months, the volume of commercial real estate transactions in the metaverse has increased.

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The Metaverse Group has a real estate investment trust

The Metaverse Group has established a real estate investment trust with plans to develop a portfolio of properties in Decentraland as well as other realms such as Somnium Space, Sandbox, and Upland. Although the internet is infinite, virtual real estate is not — Decentraland. For example, is a collection of 90,000 parcels of land measuring about 50 feet by 50 feet each. According to Mr. Gord, there is a belief among investors that there is gold in those pixelated hills. recently completed a larger land deal in Decentraland’s fashion district for $2.5 million. The company plans to develop the area into a virtual commerce hub for luxury fashion brands, similar to Rodeo Drive or Fifth Avenue, according to the company, which claims the real estate transaction was the largest in metaverse history.

Metaverse is worth up to ten times as much as it cost to purchase

Mr. Kiguel estimates that his metaverse portfolio is worth up to ten times what he paid for it, and much of his reasoning will sound familiar to anyone who has ever bought or sold real estate.

Only a few digital marketplaces exist where investors can buy and sell real estate, and they all use their own cryptocurrency. For example, Decentraland’s is known as MANA. People can also browse NFTs, including land plots for sale, on Decentraland’s marketplace. Mr. Kiguel described it as “almost like a multiple listing service.”

Wave, a company that produces interactive concerts such as Mr. Bieber’s, makes money from virtual merchandise and brand sponsorships for the events. Which are held in neutral zones rather than a digital arena. Although the company has not yet monetized real estate. Adam Arrigo, a co-founder and CEO, said he is looking into the possibility.

“Platforms like Decentraland and Sandbox are pioneers in credentialing these plots of land, these storefronts,” he explained. “What we do is going to become a lot more mainstream over the next few years.”


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