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Is the Virtual World of Metaverse Better than Real Life?


Is the Virtual World of Metaverse Better than Real Life? There’s been a lot of debate over whether or not increasing dependence on tech is a good thing. Especially when it comes to things like smart devices and apps like Facetime. The issue is if they distance us from one another while claiming to bring us closer.

The basic argument “against” is that these features make us feel closer but don’t actually bring us together. It’s like an illusion that tricks us into a virtual sense of comfort. The argument “for” is based on the opposite claim.

This counter claim states that no, these pieces of tech are a great boon to civilization. They really do give us a greater sense of connectivity. Scholars and technologists have been going back and forth about it a long time. But now, the Metaverse is opening a whole new chapter to the debate.

By giving us unprecedented virtual environments, Metaverse will add dimensions to both sides of the debate. By essentially allowing us to program our own avatars, we can make them look like whatever we want. We can “put our best foot forward” essentially.

We’ve already run into this kind of vanity problem with Instagram and Facebook. Basically you only see what someone wants you to see, not the unfiltered version. With the Meta virtual reality, this idea will be magnified to unknown level. MetaNews is dedicated to bringing you the latest news on this evolving topic. Is the Virtual World of Metaverse Better than Real Life?.


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