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Jeff Bezos is preparing for a lawsuit against SpaceX


SpaceX CEO Elon Musk claimed on Twitter on the 27th (local time) that Jeff Bezos pulled out of Amazon in order to focus on a full-scale lawsuit against SpaceX.

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Kuiper Systems LLC is a subsidiary of Amazon that was set up in 2019 to deploy a large broadband satellite internet constellation to provide broadband internet connectivity.

Bezos resigned as CEO of Amazon last month and became its honorary chairman.

Musk’s tweet came after Amazon subsidiary Kuiper protested SpaceX’s plan to launch a satellite.

Musk posted on Twitter the contents of Kuyper’s complaint filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on the 27th.

Kuyper objected to the fact that SpaceX was not adhering to the original promise in respect of the Starlink satellite.

SpaceX has already launched 1,740 satellites and plans to launch about 30,000 second-generation Starlink satellites into Earth orbit.

There has been a long history of Jeff Bezos-owned companies challenging SpaceX. Earlier this year, Bezos’ space developer Blue Origin filed a lawsuit alleging that NASA unfairly chose SpaceX as the operator of the $2.9 billion human lunar landing program.

Kuyper argues in the petition that SpaceX requested only one type of satellite Internet network in the proposal submitted to the FCC on the 29th of last month, but increased it to two types in the amendment on the 18th of this month, arguing that it violates the agreement.

The Internet is divided into two types: local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN).

SpaceX announced in its amendment to the FCC on the 18th that it had proposed a second communications network as a preliminary candidate if one of the two network applications were rejected. The company stated that it would only use one of these networks.

Kuyper, however, claimed in a petition on the 25th that SpaceX violated FCC rules by submitting a plan for two networks.

As of yet, Kuyper does not have an Internet satellite.

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