KuCoin opens a metaverse office

One of the top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges, KuCoin is opening its first digital representative office in the Blocktopia Skyscraper. All exchange users will be able to utilize the workplace as a metaverse venue, where they will be able to engage in novel digital trade and interaction activities.

KuCoin Meta Office is designed as a holistic metaverse environment

The KuCoin Meta Office, housed in the Blocktopia Skyscraper, is envisioned as a complete metaverse environment. Within the Blockctopia metaverse, the workplace will give guests with breathtaking vistas and novel interactive experiences.

The KuCoin Meta Office, as the first crypto project office in the metaverse, will expand the exchange’s horizons by allowing users to engage with all instruments and functions in a virtual reality setting. In November of 2021, Blocktopia and KuCoin announced a deal to construct the KuCoin Meta Office.

Visitors to the new workplace will have access to a full range of interactive and social communication capabilities. The KuCoin Meta Office will also serve as a virtual interface for the KuCoin Roadmap, NFT Marketplace, and Trading Floor, among other exchange parts. To keep the community engaged and show off the capabilities and diversity of metaverse settings, live AMA events and other engaging activities will be hosted in the digital area.

The KuCoin exchange team has cause to trust in the ongoing growth of metaverses and their prospects as a result of their rising popularity and investment infusions. Binance U.S. announced intentions to create an office on the Portals platform, which is based on the Solana blockchain, in January 2022.

KuCoin intends to share the opening event launching a Staking and Trading campaign

KuCoin plans to include the community in the launch by starting a Staking and Trading campaign. Users will be able to get incentives worth a total of $30,000 in Bloktopia’s native BLOK tokens as part of the event.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.