Letter: Healing the scars of a lockdown education

I fear Professor Andrew Delbanco overdoes the college campus thing (“Universities must offer more than ‘Zoom from you room’”, Opinion, July 13). The majority of kids graduate from college or university as dumb as bricks. After interviewing the “brightest” new graduates for close to three decades at various global financial firms, I should know.

Yes, they had a good time and can present themselves confidently, but the brain is very much under-developed.

College education is a success if you managed three things. Know what you don’t know. Know a little about one thing (my one achievement as an economics major was learning about accounting identities but even that was dwarfed by my obsessive study of Madam Bovary during my elective course on literature). And know that there is a lot of stuff out there.

Then it is clear, education is a life-long pursuit. Read read read the rest of your life, like Bill Gates, Charlie Munger and Elon Musk. If you do this, a partially digital education during a pandemic changes little.

Zhu Shan Su
Greenwich, CT, US


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