Letter: Noisy progressives risk sealing Biden’s fate

Independent voters are no fonder of leftwing extremists than they are of rightwing ones. If Joe Biden (“Traps lie ahead on Biden’s path to the White House”, FT View, July 8) wants to maintain the 18 point lead he currently enjoys, he is going to have to prove to independents that he is willing to stand up to the raucous far-left fringe of his party.

In his Fourth of July address at Mt Rushmore, the president took care to defend what every American most cherishes, the right to have an opinion and the right to express it without fear of recrimination. If he can persuade the vast middle of the American electorate that Mr Biden will give noisy progressives in his party free rein to muzzle anyone who disagrees with them, the president could revive his prospects.

Margaret McGirr
Greenwich CT, US


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