Mango steps into the metaverse

At the inauguration of its new store on Fifth Avenue in New York today, Spanish fashion business Mango claims to be the first to combine the physical, digital, and virtual worlds (11 May).

To commemorate the store’s debut, Mango has designed a series of NFTs featuring the works of three great Spanish artists: Joan Miró, Antoni Tàpies, and Miquel Barceló.

For 11 days, the new store will transform into a real, digital, and virtual museum, providing customers with a brand that mixes art, fashion, and technology

The location, which serves as the launchpad for Mango’s expansion in the United States, will feature the artists’ real artworks alongside displays that will display the NFTs. Mango says that the collection will also be presented in the Decentraland Metaverse, specifically at coordinates 16.78 of the Museum District, marking the first time a brand has synchronized a physical, digital, and virtual experience.

Mango’s head of technology, data, privacy, and security, Jordi lex, explains that with these new projects, the company is interacting with new target audiences in order to better understand how younger consumers interact in various settings.

Mango has reinterpreted two pieces by Miró (Oiseau volant vers le soleil and Tète et Oiseau), two works by Tàpies (Ulls I Creu and Esgrafiats), and one work by Barceló (Dilatation) with the help of diverse artists, resulting in five NFTs. The digital artists have included several Mango clothing from the current collection into their version of the works.

In addition to the five NFT artworks, Mango has created new wearables that will be available for purchase. These are digital clothing that include the Claudie blouse and trousers for women.

For the opening of the Fifth Avenue store, the business has also released a unisex commemorative T-shirt, of which 100 have been produced: 98 will be given away to those who attend the virtual event, and two will be added to the Mango collection of NFTs.

Mango made his metaverse debut in March, releasing three one-of-a-kind NFT artworks co-created with cryptoartist Farkas

Mango claims that its foray into the virtual metaverse environment is a step forward in the company’s business model’s ecosystem of channels and partners. The corporation is also reaffirming its commitment to digital innovation and expanding its customer connection channels. Mango just launched a business accelerator for fashion start-ups, with the goal of improving the industry.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.