Mars4 Metaverse is thriving in Japan

Mars4 is booming thanks to game demos and Japanese KOLs. Mars4 has raised sales in June’s first weeks. Japan is Mars4’s biggest market due to its regional marketing strategy. Mars4 is capturing the Japanese market with Daisuke and Crypto Train. BitFlyer CEO Yuzo Kano became interested in Mars4 a year earlier. The Mars4 team then created Telegram groups for Japan, Turkey, Italy, China, and others.

Mars4 Discord offers cultural channels to be inclusive to everyone, regardless of native language. Moreover, Mars4 wants to extend into new areas to increase project exposure and growth.

Mars4 is a survival metagame and users can make money while experiencing Mars

Mars4 lets users buy unique Mars land. In the future video game, users can explore, grow, and terraform their territory to survive. In addition, Mars4 will soon provide NFTs for in-game vehicles and other items.

NFTs provide players full control over in-game objects and land plots. Since they’re on the blockchain, game makers can’t take them away. As a landowner, users can make your territory public or enlist other players to help develop their empire. Users will get paid in MARS4 for their time.

MARS4 currencies are utilized for metaverse activities like trading. The MARS4 dollar can be earned actively (in-game) or passively (through other means, such as from holding NFTs).

MARS4 dollars are altcoins, therefore they can be used outside the game. Cryptocurrencies in computer games allow gamers to earn from their interest.

The communal pool enables passive NFT investing. Buying Mars4 NFTs boosts users productivity. Landowners can expose the common pool to the public and distribute payments to NFT holders based on productivity. Higher scores mean more distributions. The voting method is the first step toward a DAO where anyone can participate in Mars4 governance. In addition, 20% of all sales and advertising revenue is set aside for the Mars4 community pool. This method lets investors earn recurring NFT rewards without effort.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.