MDAO3 is a decentralized metaverse universe

Mdao3 has launched Metaverse World, a decentralized Metaverse Planet that is built on Web3.0 and DAO. After identifying the most common types of non-fungible tokens, we found that NFTs have already expanded beyond the realm of art and collectibles.

Mdao3 intends to construct an open Metaverse Incubation Platform, with the goal of providing modular components that will assist the Metaverse entrepreneurial team in completing tasks such as Architecture Design, Contract Writing, Contract Auditing, Dapp Construction, Community Operation, Fans Management, etc. in a straightforward and expedient manner.

The first NFT collection released by Mdao3 is called Bat Star Warrior. It will function as the primary Pass for the entire ecosystem and will take advantage of the earliest Genesis equity available in Mdao3

The proceeds from the sale of Pass of Genesis include rights to dividends equal to 80 percent of NFT royalty income, priority ILO rights and interests of future governance Token, Token airdrop rights, priority to purchase Land rights and interests, dividend rights and 60 percent interests of treasury income, and priority mint rights and interests of subsequent NFT issuance.

All of these rights and interests will be distributed in the form of subsequent NFT issuance. Mdao3 is a platform for the metaverse that is open, decentralized, and built by the community.

“BSW NFTs have several features. To generate the issue, we’ll randomly select 4200 NFTs from 50,000. These 17 features indicate scarcity.”

Mdao3’s vision is to become an incubation platform that works closely with commerce, markets, and utility, all of which are anticipated to merge into NFTs in the near future. According to the functions of the Mdao3 Incubation Platform, which bridge the gap between the real world and the virtual world, digital identities and utility will merge as your onchain profile becomes proof of your real-world activity, and everything else will happen as crypto native IPs extend their reach into the real world through Mdao3.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.