MetaJuice collaborates with Auroboros and Grimes

MetaJuice, the blockchain company unlocking the value of the metaverse, is now powering the fashion world through a collaboration partnership with Auroboros at the First Metaverse Fashion Week hosted in Decentraland where Auroboros is closing the multi-day event with a one-of-a-kind show featuring an immersive virtual performance by superstar Grimes.

During the show, Auroboros and MetaJuice will drop a POAP

Collectors can use POAPs as a digital record to prove that they attended or participated in a real or virtual event. This POAP will get you access to a one-of-a-kind IMVU wearable based on Grimes’ performance. Owners of the wearable will be able to put it on their avatar in IMVU, allowing them to travel between worlds.

“MetaJuice is paving the way for interoperability between metaverse places, and it’s a taste of things to come. Nancy Beaton, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Blockchain at MetaJuice and Together Labs, said, “We’re eager to provide people the possibility for fluidity so they may easily explore different worlds.”

“We envisioned limitless options for users to earn, interact, play, and collect what they love when we started MetaJuice, and it’s amazing to see that vision come to life with this relationship.”

IMVU is no stranger to digital fashion showcases

IMVU had its own digital fashion and NFT showcase event last year to unveil the unique styles, collections, and designs of leading fashion designers such as Collina Strada, Mowalola, Gypsy Sport, Freak City, Mimi Wade, My Mum Made It, and BruceGlen, all in partnership with IMVU Creators.

“Fashion is extremely important in the metaverse and is a key way people express themselves,” said Maura Welch, VP Marketing at IMVU/Together Labs. “We’re excited to collaborate with Grimes and Auroboros to provide interesting, rewarding interoperable brand experiences that are true to our community.”

Decentraland will host a series of events throughout the week

Throughout the week, Decentraland will feature a number of events, including runway shows, afterparties, and pop-up stores with various businesses displaying digital styles on avatars walking the runway.

Metaverse Fashion Week, which takes place on the Decentraland platform, is free and accessible to those who choose to participate. Grimes will be modeling a new ‘Mystique’ bodysuit inspired by iconic sci-fi films like X-men and Black Panther. Auroboros will be showing its digital collection, ‘Biomimicry,’ which was initially presented at London Fashion Week 2021.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.