Metalovil is an upcoming fight-to-earn metaverse game

Metalovil will be available on the 17th of January 2022. The MetaLovil is a flight-to-earn game that combines blockchain technology, DeFi, and NFTs in a 3D metaverse.

MetaLovil contains unique characteristics.

The game consists of a variety of climates and terrains, each with its own set of traits. From the gorgeous meadows filled with colorful flowers to the lava fields engulfed in flames, perilous bogs producing poisonous fumes, and perished wastelands littered with dead trees. Each region has its own distinct plants, fauna, and culture.



It was like a jewel box full of priceless jewels and wealth, until the wicked Demon King and his army of servants descended from another dimension on the MetaLovil realm. Moreover villages were demolished, forts and castles were built, and darkness steadily engulfed the earth. A bold explorer would come in this realm at this moment.

Exploration, acquiring equipment, mining and foraging, weapon and item creation, base construction, treasure seeking, inspecting the plants and animals in different biomes, and much more are just a few of the activities and playstyles available. Create your own tale in the MetaLovil Kingdom by embarking on a journey tailored to you.

Future decentralized world

MetaLovil is a decentralized Metaverse in which each position is distinct and exceptional. Additionally all assets, including land and clothes, are the sole property of the asset’s owner. The user DAO is in charge of project development, city filling, and guild formation in the Metaverse.

Decentralization is important to us at MetaLovil. We think that in a genuinely decentralized metaverse, user governance should not only be developed. However every user should also have the ability to construct and create.

As a result, the team is on pace to construct a decentralized simulator by Q2 2023 in the project development region of our Roadmap, allowing the world that produces MetaLovil to progressively attain full decentralization.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.