MetaNept empowers a new 3D metaverse

MetaNept, the technologically superior metaverse for culture and business, has launched its utility NEPT Token, which will act as the money and entrance point to the Nept Metaverse. Nept is a 3D interactive universe that allows users to explore hyper-realistic virtual worlds and communities while also monetizing and selling their creations.

The majority of today’s metaverse experiences demand artists to compromise on the level of visual complexity given to their fans. MetaNept’s architecture and infrastructure enable artists, entertainers, and their teams to create virtual experiences that surpass their fans’ expectations when compared to the physical world, establishing MetaNept as the go-to platform for virtual, multi-sensory entertainment.

In contrast to the conventional, cartoonish metaverses, MetaNept has teamed with Realiz3d to develop visually rich landscapes and cities, as well as distinct, otherworldly avatars designed with a detailed artistry that transcends what a metaverse may be. The Nept Metaverse has a cutting-edge concert and event platform, as well as interactive experiences with fluid mobility and a realistic appearance.

Holders of NEPT Tokens can buy NFT avatars, which start off as holograms in the Nept Metaverse

The avatar’s foundation hologram will be built out with unique features as the metaverse evolves. Participants in the Nept Metaverse can also create extra NFT elements tailored to their avatars and environs. The Nept DAO is open to all NEPT Token and NFT holders, providing them a voice in the metaverse’s governance and making them part of the Nept community.

The NEPT Token can be used to buy and sell assets in the metaverse marketplace, as well as rent or buy land. Nept Metaverse landowners will be able to stage concerts and monetise their assets through contests and giveaways, the manufacture of wearables, and staking. MetaNept has created an opportunity for holders of the NEPT Token to start growing their holdings right away.

Jonathan Cohen, MetaNept’s Founder and Director, said, “I’ve been living in the cryptosphere for the last eight years and have closely followed all of the hyped metaverse and NFT projects.” “I came across countless projects that merely offered an NFT collection and a plan, with very few that offered a long-term vision.” I noticed a gap in the metaverse space: 3D assets available at launch, as well as elegance and actionable deliverables, which MetaNept fills.”


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.