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Metaverse: “AI is the most powerful technological force”


“AI is without a doubt the most powerful technological force the world has ever experienced,” Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, said.

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“We are constantly striving to improve our performance, efficiency, and chances for growth”. “AI is, without a doubt, the best approach to accomplish this in the future”. “And I believe that people are enthusiastic about it.”

Huang previously spoke at Nvidia’s GTC 2021 conference about the company’s work in AI, metaverse, robotics, and self-driving cars.

Nvidia is no longer only a graphics card manufacturer for gamers, with a market worth of $749 billion. Thanks to its semiconductor technology, it has evolved into an AI powerhouse.

Nvidia, an AI powerhouse.

Although its gaming industry still generates the majority of its income (47% v. 36% for its data center business), the difference is closing. Investors consider Nvidia’s AI and data center businesses as an essential and increasing element of the firm’s overall strategy, even though the company is committed to remaining the world’s leading card maker.

While Nvidia manufactures everything from chips to supercomputers, it also develops the software that its customers use to build their own artificial intelligence capabilities. To put it another way, the organization serves as a one-stop shop for its customers’ AI requirements.

Nvidia’s AI ambitions span everything from self-driving vehicles to robot training, language models, and the creation of its own Omniverse. Omniverse, Nvidia’s metaverse platform, is the infrastructure that users may utilize to create their own virtual worlds.

Customers can utilize Omniverse to build “digital twins” that they can work with virtually rather than in person. For example, a carmaker may use Omniverse to reorganize one of its manufacturing units using a digital twin.

Nvidia is presently expanding its self-driving car efforts by running virtual automobiles in real-world digital counterparts using its Omniverse platform. This enables the vehicles to collect the data required by the corporation to program the automobiles in the actual world without ever touching the ground.

“I believe the technology we’ve developed has piqued people’s interest,” Huang added. “I’m ecstatic that people recognize our company’s potential, and I’m looking forward to the future we’ve discussed.”

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