Metaverse and Digital Real-Estate, Everything You Need to Know

Metaverse and Digital Real-Estate, Everything You Need to Know. You probably already know what digital real estate is, just under different terms. Domains, websites, market share, visibility, all are digital real estate. This should not be confused with digital forms of capital, like crypto and tradeable assets, but remember, they are related.


The Metaverse will encompass a large “plot” of the digital landscape, and people want in. Charts and scales and graphs have been made lately demonstrating the digital real estate iceberg. Let’s talk about appreciation for a moment. Imagine you own a domain, and you purchased that domain for $100 dollars. That’s now a digital asset that you own. Therefore, the appreciation will depend on what someone wants to pay for it, regardless of development.

If a company comes along and they decide that they want your real estate, the value will depend on what they want to pay for it. Let’s say, for instance, they really want that domain, so you may be able to drive the value up even more by generating interest. Depending on the size of the company, too, you may be able to get a lot of money for the domain.

Just think of it like actual real estate. If you own land that someone wants to drill for oil on, you’ll want to secure drilling rights. Digital space is a lot like this, too. Depending on what is to be done with your real estate, you’ll want to secure different rights. MetaNews is dedicated to bringing you the best news. Metaverse and Digital Real-Estate, Everything You Need to Know.


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